The Town vs. The Departed



Honestly, I liked The Town much more. Hated the ending of The Departed and that simply killed it for me. Haven't watched it since I saw it in theatres.

Two great Boston crime films. It's exceedingly close and it may just be because The Town is a new and hasn't stood the test of any length of time, but Scorsese's film just barely gets the edge for me.

Two Boston movies that this Boston girl likes very much. The Departed wins for me because of Leo. Oh, and because it's better.

Boston crime. I want to choose The Town, for a few reasons: I've just watched and enjoyed it for the first time tonight; it has a very similar vibe to Michael Mann's Heat, one of my all-time favorites; I have a bit of a (perhaps irrational) fondness for Ben Affleck; and I read the book first, so I very much have a fondness for the story. It's an above-average film in a genre I enjoy. But I can't deny The Departed here. This is kind of close for me; Affleck made a great movie, but The Departed is the only "gangster" film I can think of that I genuinely love. (And, come to think of it, it's the only Martin Scorsese film I've seen that I legitimately like.)

they are both great crime films. The Town was a great movie , but The Departed was amazing. I absoulety loved it.


I love both films, but The Town left a stronger first viewing impression on me. So I'll go with that one. I see myself changing my mind later, however.

I didn't love either of these. I wasn't a fan of how the last act of The Departed went down, so I'll go with The Town, I guess.

I never quite understood why The Town got as much praise as it did. To me, it was just...decent. The Departed, though, was fantastic. Easy choice.

The Town wins and here's why. The Departed, a great film in its own right, is not the better gangster flick because it involved corruption and police. Anything that crosses lines is a Rat film, not a Gangster film.

I was one of the few people that only LIKED The Departed. I watch the town about every two weeks.

The Town is a great film, Ben Affleck's talents clearly lie in film making rather than acting (Although his performance here is brilliant), but The Departed is a step above, Scorsese truly is a master of gritty, urban, crime drama's and this is up there with some of his best work.

The Departed is amazing. Mind-blowing from start to finish and the, boy was that unexpected.

The Town is not that special. The Departed wins in a blowout.

The Town is the exact type of film I like but The Departed is so strong and well structured. Two of my favourite films but I'll be choosing The Departed (for now).

Both deliver in spades. Both continue my theory that Boston crime movies rule. The Departed wins here...

Both are amazing crime films, but only one is a DiCaprio/Scorsese collaboration.

Love them both. Departed for the win.