The Royal Tenenbaums vs. Submarine



submarine was a great movie and you'll see how great after I rant it

rank it

The Royal Tenenbaums is better than Submarine. Better beyond words, feelings, thoughts, deeds... I hated Submarine. It's one of the most artificially quirky loads of crap that I've seen in years. I actually felt like cringing a few times at how fake and calculated every single line of dialogue was. Wes Anderson movies always tread a fine line between genuine and forced quirkiness. Submarine was nowhere near the line. Forced all the way.

Submarine, no question. Nothing forced about the dialogue at all. Beautiful cinematography, perfect soundtrack, and endearing performances. The relationship between the two main characters felt very genuine.

I thought a lot about Andersons films when watching Submarine. I agree that Submarine felt incredibly genuine with nothing forced. I'm still going with Wes though.

I think "Submarine" had some forced quirkiness in the early-middle, but then it became more relaxed and genuine toward the end. "The Royal Tenenbaums" is the only Wes Anderson film I don't like (and most of his films, I not only like, but love). It's just somehow offputting. So I would give the narrow edge here to "Submarine".