My Neighbor Totoro vs. Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind



tough call.

Totoro was weird, Nausicaa was pretty cool.

both wonderful films, but nausicaa is more powerful.

DAMNIT! I love love love nausicaa , but totoro is just pure innocence.

My Neighbour Totoro. Easy.

Can't say I like either. But at least Nausicaa had an awesome 3rd act...

Nausicaa easily Totoro lacks in plot and ends up just being a lot of fluffy cuteness and i consider it one of his weaker works....Nausicaa on the other hand does a good job at creating a whole other world with good characters with a more interesting plot .... dont get me wrong i do enjoy Totoro but its no contest really

Nausicaa's awesomeness wins.

I like Nausicaa so much I'm reading the manga. But Totoro wins this matchup for me, as an almost perfect movie and the definitive Miyazaki movie.

I expected to like Nausicaa more - giant bugs, post-apocalypse, warfare - yet somehow I ended up feeling mostly indifferent towards it. Totoro might not be great, but it is a more enjoyable experience overall.

I just don't enjoy Miyazaki much. But, if I gotta pick's Totoro...

Miyazaki's films are all treasures of world cinema. Going with Nausicaa for personal preference but you can't go wrong with either film.