My Neighbor Totoro vs. Howl's Moving Castle



Totoro is really more geared toward kids than Howl. I like the latter better as an adult.

I may enjoy Howl's Moving Castle just a bit more, but I think Totoro is better, so it just barely wins.

Love both, but Howl's got a much more wide and fascinating imagination.

Howl's Moving Castle was a jumbled mess. That said, at least it clearly strived for something greater than it was ultimately able to achieve. Totoro just ... exists.

Howls is more creative and interesting and the animation is better in Howls it wins for me

Totoro wins.

Totoro absolutely is better.

"Howl's Moving Castle" feels more interesting. "Totoro" is a cute movie - it's a good one, too. As an adult, I have to go with Howl.