My Neighbor Totoro vs. Spirited Away



For me this is Totoro all the way, however unpopular that may be.

Totoro was cute and all, but it's not as lovable as it's made out to be. And Spirited Away? One of Hayao Miyazaki's two masterpieces. It's only bested by Princess Mononoke.

Spirited away was good,but I liked Totoro more.It had more feeling.

That cover shows Castle in the Sky

Love both, but it's gotta be Spirited Away.

Spirited Away, for sure. Way more magic, beauty, and likeable characters.

Totoro is in the running for best family film ever made, IMO. Spirited Away was very good, but just not in the class of "masterpiece for the ages". Totoro FTW.

I've got to say Spirited away... But Iove both!

Totoro...but honestly...not a huge Miyazaki fan at all...

Totoro is gaahbage.

My two favourite Ghibli movies, but I've gotta go for Spirited Away.

Spirited Away is the more ambitious film and is technically superb. But Totoro has a magic that I find irresistible.

Spirited Away wins in a landslide. Whereas My Neighbor Totoro is very charming, and quite entertaining, Spirited Away is one of, if not the, greatest animated film ever made. My Neighbor Totoro is good, but it's just not Spirited Away level.

For me, Spirited Away is overrated, I still think it's good but everybody needs to calm down about it and accept that it's not as good as once thought. My neighbour Totoro is better than Spirited Away by far.

My Neighbour Totoro obviously.

Spirited Away, definitely.

My Neighbour Totoro my not have the outstanding animation of Spirited Away though it is great. Despite this, My Neighbour Totoro is better. And more entertaining and is more fun.

Probably Spirited Away. I honestly don't care for either of these movies. At very least, Spirited Away had some real conflict. My Neighbor Totoro just ambles along with nothing interesting to say.

Spirited away for me... it really is a work of art with great pacing with a good blend of emotions and even some fun ...Spirited away is a better film overall.... but I also think Totoro tends to get too phrase for how much it lacks for me

My Neighbor Totoro has good moments, but on the whole I find it to be overrated. On the other hand, I firmly believe that Spirited Away is the greatest animated film ever made. Pretty easy choice for me...

Spirited Away is, in my opinion, the greatest animated feature ever made. I still love Totoro, but it's just not as good.

If, as Baudelaire wrote, genius is childhood recaptured at will, then Miyazaki is the greatest mind ever. And Totoro more consistently shows the spark of recaptured youth. Spirited Away is an amazing achievement, but Totoro is just magic.

First of all I have to say that imo, Totoro and Spirited Away are undoubtedly Miyazaki's best films (I'm sorry but Mononoke is quite preachy and self-important and it lacks the subtlety of these 2 films). To everyone complaining about Totoro's plotlessness. Yes, there isn't much of a storyline there but Totoro is an immensely powerful exploration of childhood imagination and faith in the supernatural. Miyazaki is attempting to justify man's blind faith in god. As the ending suggests, Miracles do indeed happen. Moreover it has the most loveable characters. But that being said, I have to say, Spirited Away is the superior film and if you've been to Japan, you know just how much of Japan's culture Miyazaki has captured on screen. It's a film about the conflict between tradition and modernisation, it's about the impact of globalisation and most importantly it's about a child's transition into adulthood. Miyazaki made this film for all the thousands of girls in Japan who're forced into child labour because of their careless parents. It's much more melancholic than Totoro but it's still a very hopeful story that suggests to those girls that they can escape the brutal world they've been thrown in with their innocence intact. Spirited Away is the great work of art of the animation genre, one that will undoubtedly stand the test of time. And at its heart, it's a harrowing statement about what it means to be a human being.

Comfortably my two favourite Miyazaki films, Spirited Away has the edge. I do see both these movies becoming personal favourites for me in the future.

Spirited Away is the best animated movie, but Totoro is such an adorable and feel-good movie. Both are among my favorite films.