Magnolia vs. American Beauty



This one was really tough!

I'll go with American Beauty.

Love both of these dearly but Magnolia wins by a hair.


Magnolia for m

I'm not sure which film is better but I certainly enjoyed American Beauty more.

I was far more entertained by American Beauty by the end of it.

Two of the best of 1999 (which was an amazing year for movies). I got to go with Magnolia though because it made an impact on me like few films do.

A great year for film, and these two are timeless masterpieces. Magnolia gets a very slight edge in its victory here.

Best Picture in 2000 Oscars should've been: American Beauty (WINNER) Fight Club The Green Mile The Matrix Magnolia

Magnolia wins here effortlessly. American Beauty is just so pretentious and characters are so fucking cliched. Magnolia's characters are SO unique, not to mention Tom Cruise's performance effortlessly stomps everyone's performance in American Beauty deep in to the ground.

American Beauty, 100%