Magnolia vs. There Will Be Blood



Still waiting for the day when P.T. brings us something better than Magnolia, but even less than that can be brilliant.

Magnolia vs There Will Be Blood is really difficult too. Both completely blew me away when I saw them for the first time.

There Will Be Blood is great but it has a really different style from PTA's other movies and in a way I really prefer that Magnolia style.

In my eyes, Anderson really improves every time he steps behind the camera -- although I wasn't too crazy about Boogie Nights. Therefore: There Will Be Blood > Punch Drunk Love > Magnolia > Hard Eight > Boogie Nights. I can't wait to see his new film, it sounds fascinating.

This matchup just proves how awesome PTA is.

PT at his best in both films. What gives TWBB the edge is its powerful singular story-line. The delightfully fractured Magnolia is a little less powerful as its beauty is diffused across the various arcs.

Maybe the most radical change a director has ever made since Coppola finished Apocolypse Now. PT was making sprawling modern pop art, using all of his idols techniques and then TWBB, that's what's amazing about that film is the filmmaker who made it.


magnolia is great but there will be blood is greater

There Will Be Blood is the better film. However, Magnolia is fabulous as well. It seemed livelier and more energetic. But I prefer the sombre and intense tone of There Will Be Blood.

THE GREAT PTA SHOWDOWN! While I love There Will Be Blood, the screenplay isn't quite as brilliant as that of Magnolia. Magnolia is definitely the rougher film, but it's imperfections simply add to the impact. It's the product of a director with so much to say so urgently that he doesn't even give a damn about how clumsy some parts might end up. And I respect that.

Magnolia is great, but it loses to PTA's best film.

Loved both of these. It took me a few viewings to really understand the impact of TWBB. Magnolia was powerful on my first viewing of it. I was also able to relate to more characters on it than with TWBB. In this match-up, I'll choose Magnolia but TWBB is not far behind.

Magnolia is a perfect film. Every single frame of it is absolutely perfect. There Will Be Blood is certainly a fantastic film, but it isn't half as sympathetic, beautiful, or human as Paul's masterpiece, Magnolia.

There Will Be Blood

There Will Be Blood is still my favourite PTA film, and I have loved everything that I've seen from him.

Gotta go against Magnolia here, TWBB is the better movie.

Magnolia wins. It's just such a bold,powerful and mesmerizing film. Both are incredible films by the extremely talented PTA but Magnolia is my eyes at least.

I've seen both of these films twice but Magnolia had such an impact on me that I watched it immediately following my first viewing. I love TWBB but few films have moved me the way Magnolia did.

Daniel Plainview. Period.

Both great masterpieces but Magnolia is the underrated one and I love it just bit more. But it's practically a tie for me. Both are in the top 30 of my list


My favorite director still making movies just might be Anderson. I don't think I've seen a movie of his yet that I haven't liked. My particular favorite of his has always been Magnolia. For me, it's an aesthetic about it. I prefer highly detailed movies that have definitive time frames. I enjoy movies that take place in short periods of time, because I see the detail put into the stories. That alone, though, couldn't put Magnolia over There Will Be Blood. I had only two, maybe three characters I genuinely cared about or connected with. Though the narrative is a masterpiece, the number of I retesting characters are limited. In Magnolia, I stay intrigued with some of the minor characters even. It feels real because the people feel real. Not to mention the diversity in the characters. Anyone who watches this can relate with at least one character. And all the little hints that intertwine the stories or the Genesis 8:2 references laced in Thomas hard to see spots call for multiple watchings. Not to say that There Will Be Blood doesn't. In fact, TWBB may even be better the second time through when you have the full knowledge of Plainview's state of mind. Both films are amazing, camera work and narrative. But Magnolia inched its way farther up on my list.

Magnolia, just too unique

What was the point of Magnolia? People get into shit situations. Situations aren't resolved, instead frogs rain. 3 hours of this. The end.

Well...shit. This is one of the most difficult matchups of all time for me. Here we have PTA's two greatest achievements. I find them to be of equal quality but they appeal to me in such different ways. While There Will Be Blood is a masterwork of a character study and achieves levels of atmosphere and mood that rival Kubrick, Magnolia is possibly the most heartfelt and emotional cinematic experience I've ever had. I love how passionate and sentimental it is without being sappy. It also has some phenomenal filmmaking. I'll always go back and forth here but I'll give it to Magnolia at the moment. Such a bold and human film. There Will Be Blood is more mind-blowing cinema while Magnolia is a bit of a spiritual experience for me.

Paul Thomas Anderson's two best films in my opinion and they couldn't be more different. There Will Be Blood features stunning cinematography and a mesmerizing performance from Daniel Day-Lewis, but Magnolia really connects with me on an emotional level like few films do. Plus Tom Cruise is amazing in it and the rest of the cast is pretty great too. Both are incredible films, but I gotta go with Magnolia.

Magnolia is in my top ten; TWBB is not even in my top 1,000. 'Nuff said.

There will be blood is so much better!

Magnolia is PT's best. Blood is a close second.

I think Magnolia is the best Paul Thomas Anderson movie.

I think Magnolia is the best Paul Thomas Anderson movie.