Magnolia vs. 2001: A Space Odyssey



Shit, bitch. They fuckin wit me. I'm salty.

Funny enough, while Magnolia is about 15 Minutes longer than 2001 it still goes by so much quicker. Both are fantastic, but I would pick Magnolia over 2001 any day.

2001:A Space Odyssey is #5 on my flickchart, and Magnolia is #6, im gonna keep it that way

15 minutes? Actually it's a good 47 minutes. Magnolia is a pretty long film, but it's so engaging that time flies.

Yes, 2001 does take ages. But... It's the greatest. I still can't wrap my head about it. Going for Kubrick. Two true masterpieces here, that's for sure.

Magnolia by quite a bit for me. I've tried time and time again to love 2001 but it's so detached that I can never finish it without it feeling like a chore, especially with that ridiculous ending. Magnolia isn't perfect, but 3 hours just evaporate when I put the DVD in. It's so absorbing.

For me, this decision is a troubling one to make. This is one of those situations where they are so neck-and-neck that I would probably pick one and then the other five minutes later. Forever in flux, these two.

2001. Can't say I love either one of these....but HAL and company got the goods for the win here....

2001 is far better.

Magnolia had more of an impact on me than 2001 and was a much easier watch. I love 2001 and Kubrick but Magnolia was in my opinion the better film.

Just watched Magnolia. I'm still trying to figure out exactly how I felt. lol

I love both of these films. Magnolia was probably one of the shortest 3 hours of my life and a terrifically piece together, emotionally compelling experience. But 2001 is the most amazing film I have ever seen.

Magnolia has way more going for it. If you took the "depth" of 2001 and put it into a story with terrific acting and poignant drama, and didn't have any of the boring shit in 2001, you'd get Magnolia.