Magnolia vs. Boogie Nights



I love when I get director specific mashups. This time it's Paul Thomas Anderson. Boogie Nights, while full of strongly written characters, fails to matchup with the heart-tugging writing of Magnolia. Everyone in this movie gives a phenomenal performance.

One of the hardest ones for me. Both films I love dearly, by a director who is one of my favorites. I chose Boogie Nights, however, when I inevitably get this one again, it's quite possible that I'll choose Magnolia.

I can't do this! 2 movies that I would've placed solidly in my top 10 all time. I take Boogie Nights though. The writing is a notch better, and overall it just has a more epic feel, crossing decades, where Magnolia feels like you're just with these characters for one day in their lives.

All Boogie Nights has on Magnolia is the better Philip Seymour Hoffman role. Something about Philip Seymour Hoffman as a heavyset, flamboyant gay man just reeks of brilliance; sadly, not even Philip Seymour Hoffman could save Boogie Nights from being anything more than a disappointment. Magnolia, though also a disappointment, realizes brilliance with far greater frequency. Tom Cruise alone is better than just about anything in Boogie Nights.


Magnolia has that Aimee Mann soundtrack and those haunting frogs. Boogie Nights was a great expose on the porn industry but Magnolia was an expose on life's lingering pain and regrets. Magnolia was a heartfelt film that we all could relate to.

In my opinion there are almost no movies that can top Magnolia, not even Boogie Nights.

Magnolia never struck me in any way. However, I really enjoyed Boogie Nights from start to finish, well, almost finish. 8============D

I've always preferred Boogie Nights so I'm picking it here but I think i'm going to have to watch Magnolia again soon.

They're both shockingly fun films to watch, each full of its own specific emotion and lovable or hatable characters whose journeys you feel compelled to watch, but nothing can beat Magnolia. It seems like every ten minutes we're seeing a new reason to call it a masterpiece. Jason Robards' monologue was perfect, and the meltdowns (particularly Julianne Moore's) were ripe with emotion and not over the top. The characters singing Aimee Mann's song was a surprise, but it worked, as did the now famous ending which, whether you get it or not, is entertaining and now in retrospect, seems like the only way they could end the film. Exodus 8:2

Magnolia is so underrated. A three hour film seems daunting and yet it never hits the same note again, or bogs down in minutia, it just rolls and rolls and rolls. Best John C Reilly performance, best Cruise performance. But Boogie Nights has the greatest scene in a film in the last 25 years. Whalberg and Reilly and Tom Jane go to sell fake cocaine to Al Molina and firecrackers are involved. Boogie Nights is just to crazy and to much fun to watch. Two of the greats though.

I love Boogie Nights but Magnolia is an underrated classic. Beautiful film.


^^hahaha willhunting

I've enjoyed everything that I've seen from Paul Thomas Anderson I think that everything he writes is genius. And in my opinion Magnolia is his best film.

Boogie Nights

Magnolia is one of the most underrated films ever. Boogie nights is very own kind and it has a great direction but Magnolia has it all.

Both fantastic. I'll take Magnolia as it was such an emotionally captivating experience about intertwining tales between different character's live.

I'd have to give it to Boogie Nights. Both are great but there's more fun to Boogie Nights which makes the descent more powerful- not to say that Magnolia's contant doubt and fear isn't effective- it totally is, it's just exhausting.

If I had to pick one of these movies to be the only movie I ever get to watch again, I'd pick: Boogie Nights

Paul Thomas Anderson is amazing. Magnolia is the 2nd greatest movie ever made, but Boogie Night is #1

Gotta go with Magnolia. But Boogie Nights is simply amazing. I love you PTA.

Good time movie or poignant drama. Boogie Nights for me in this PTA match-up, though extremely close, Boogie Nights wins it for me because of its hilariousness.

this is so tough, I really can't say anything that hasn't been said already from the 1st 22 people.......Hell I'm actually going to flip a coin........It's that close for me. I do however disagree with the guy that said Tom Cruise in magnolia was better than anyone in Boogie nights. Magnolia wins I guess, or should I go best out of 3 tosses

I'd have to say Magnolia wins this tight match-up. Both are my favorites from PTA from what I've seen from him.

Actually Magnolia has more emotional heft and is a more well developed and deep film. I don't like how the ending just seems to cut off suddenly though.

Actually Magnolia has more emotional heft and is a more well developed and deep film. I don't like how the ending just seems to cut off suddenly though.

Isn't Magnolia basically just Crash, but without the racial stuff? I get that Magnolia was going for some kind of poignancy, but all of its "heavy" moments felt so unearned (its overbearing score certainly didn't help matters). And the whole cast breaking out into song like it was freakin' Grease has to be the silliest decision of P.T. Anderson's career. Boogie Nights has the stronger dramatic moments, more levity (since Magnolia has none), is less indulgent, and is more thematically clear. Better movie. Period.

I can appreciate that this is a tough call for many people. I have "Magnolia" in my top 10, while "Boogie Nights" is "only" #75. But I have over 1300 on my list, and the top 225 or so are all "five stars out of five" type movies, so I definitely agree that both are fantastic in their own way.

Back when PTA was still trying to find his own voice. I prefer Boogie Nights to Magnolia because though the former may be the lighter, less intense movie for the most part, when its serious moments do come they're so naked and revealing about the characters' emotional problems that you find yourself without protection and struck hard by their penetrating truths.

boogie nights is great, but magnolia is better in nearly every way

Magnolia is to Boogie Nights that Taxi Driver is to Mean Streets. A film that manages to take the concepts and vision from the director's previous work to improve on the flaws, up the scale and make the good stuff more interesting. Boogie Nights has its great moments but Magnolia just comes together as a great film!

boogie nights is clearly far better