Avatar: The Way of Water vs. Avatar



If you like the first one, you will most certainly like the sequel. They are about neck and neck in my eyes.

The sequel was better unique than the whole first one

The Way of Water does repeat several story arcs from the original, and forces in plot points to create character drama between the Scully’s and villains. But it also produced probably the most genuine part of the Avatar franchise, a powerful and realistic family dynamic adapting to a complex, breathtaking culture. For that, I’ve got to give the slight nod to the Way of Water.

I agree that these movies are pretty much on par with each other. In other words, The Way of Water is good. For the moment the original will remain higher on my chart, but another viewing could change my mind.

Admitting the first film is lack bad whole crap and not pleasant surprisingly special, the second film was far advanced that charm better that good it was

They're about neck and neck for me. I'll take the original for now.

Both of these are very similar and in the worst ways possible. They're not terrible but they're both very frustrating. I think the second one is a little better because it is more visually pleasing. I don't get why some people like the movies because when I talk to some people about this movie they do say that the story and characters are not very good. But with that said both movies are stunning to look at. But everything else does not grab me not to say it's terrible but it's very frustratingly average.

The sequel isn't bad, but it's an absolute beast to get through. I definitely prefer the first one, which didn't try my patience nearly as much.

Why anybody thinks that the first is good, I personally find it that slow and lengthy no heartwarming, the second movie is generally went that tad good than that dull first one.