My Fair Lady vs. Mary Poppins



A legendary match-up. But without Julie Andrews; Mary Poppins ain't much. My Fair Lady has Audrey Hepburn, Rex Harrison, the music, that dress, and more.

Legendary match-up, indeed. This is tough.

Poor Hepburn, being forced to lip sync in a role that was originally played by Andrews. But instead of casting Andrews, they took on the better actress. Then Disney manages to get a hold of Andrews for Poppins, and who scores both the Golden Globe and the Oscar?

Ill like the magic of Poppins more.

Mary Poppins

I prefer the songs and story of Mary Poppins.


My Fair Lady over a flying nanny.

My Fair Lady onstage is a joy, but the movie is just lifeless, certainly not a patch on Disney's one great live-action musical.

I have a lot more fun with Mary Poppins