The Shadow vs. The Phantom



Now this is one hell of a match up... which is the less crappy obscure superhero movie from the mid nineties?

The Shadow just barely gets this one.

I was disappointed with The Phantom. I am a Billy Zane fan since his smaller role in Memphis Belle. His career neve became what it could have been due to some lackluster flicks he agreed to be in. I would love to hear what scripts he passed on.

I love the music in The Shadow and the character itself even though its poorly executed but I get a "what could of been" enjoyment out of watching it

I'm picking The Shadow, because it's the movie that I would prefer to be tortured with.

The Shadow has fewer microscopes booby trapped with knives in the scopes than I would like, so I'm going with The Phantom.

I quite enjoyed The Shadow. I can not say the same thing about The Phantom.

Oof. I have both of these films pretty low on my Flickchart, but The Phantom wins out by a few hairs. It's mostly Baldwin that kills The Shadow for me. Couldn't stand any moment he was on screen, which was pretty much the whole thing. At least Zane looked dorky in a fun, Cirque du Soleil sort of way.

I'm glad to see The Shadow winning the battle here. It's a really good movie that deserves more respect.

Not gonna lie, they both make me smile. Billy Zane banged Kelly Brook, but Alec Baldwin still has awesome hair. Who's the winner?

Everybody is talking about the Heroes i think the villains are where you should look Shiwan Khan vs. Generic Mustache guy Shadow Wins