The Towering Inferno vs. Earthquake



It's a 1974-disaster-movie... double feature ! I'm going to give this one to Earthquake just because The Towering Inferno is one of those movies with so many stupid mistakes on the part of the impending victims... which was probably the point (see: Titanic), but that doesn't make it a better movie to watch IMO.

Earthquake tries hard, and the practical effects actually hold up pretty well compared to the CGI of the last 20 years, but Charlton Heston + Lorne Greene + George Kennedy simply can't hold up to Paul Newman + Steve McQueen + William Holden. Inferno has become more iconic, and rightfully so.

Towering Inferno still holds up well and has a lot more going for it than Earthquake. Earthquake is still fun, but a notch below Inferno.