Mad Max vs. The Road Warrior



A rare case where the sequel is better than the original.

No other film series has as big a leap in quality from original to sequel as this one. Mad Max was a thoroughly disappointing film, one I cannot say I liked, and Mad Max 2 was a thoroughly enjoyable film. It retains many of the flaws of the original, but it more than makes up for them.

I know I'm in the minority here, but I prefer Mad Max. I think Miller gets more emotion out of the first film and does more with less. The Road Warrior is fun though - a good action movie for sure.

I'm with that minority. The original Mad Max is an utterly brilliant film. A much darker, rawer, gritty and yes emotional film then the sequel. One of my all time favourite films. Having said that "The road warrior' is not far behind & if its a pure action fest your after, then look no further.

The sequel wins out

Both great, but for me the original is better.

The original.

Two awesome Aussie movies. I'll give the edge to Mad Max 2. It's proper name.

Lemme even it up. I like Mad Max's tone more (less cheese), but there's no denying that the action was better in the sequel. It was fantastic. Can't wait to see Hardy in Fury Road.

Mad Max 2 edges it slightly, I can't help but enjoy the more action orientated film.

Mad Max for me. It's a work of art, Road Warrior is a blockbuster. Simple as that.

The original for me, like with Alien and Aliens I like the dark and more thoughtful movie and it's the same case here!

They almost inhabit two different worlds. In Mad Max, society is crumbling, but still exists; The Road Warrior inhabits a world without law or order. I think The Road Warrior is harsher and rawer.

I always thought there was an inherent escapist element in the concept of total post-apocalypse. That's why people are so into the whole zombie thing. Society stagnating, but nevertheless continuing to exist, seems to reflect the current state of things better, so I'd consider that darker.

The Road Warrior is by far the superior film...

Same world setting and characters but both films are so different as an action flick Road Warrior wins but overall tone style and directing Mad Max wins-Movies dont always have to be entertaining just tell a great story or be thaught provocing the line is always thin on wich one comes out on top.

Mad max was superior film, road warrior/mm2 made no sense to me, he had nothing to fight for, i'm not a fan of for anything other than early '60s falcons and galaxies, road warrior just sucked to me

I really enjoyed both, but Mad Max 2 was superior,

Both are well shot, have great music, but are terribly paced. Honestly I felt the pacing was even worse in the second one. I really didn't care for either, but I'll take the first one.

Liked both but liked The Road Warrior a little more.

I didn't like the original at all, but the sequel was actually kind of fun.

I think the original's story structure was a tad messy whereas the sequel's is a lot more cleaner and it had a perfect blend of exposition, action, gore and humour. The Road Warrior is my pick.

The Road Warrior nicely improved on Mad Max everything.

I hated Max Max 1, and thought it was a piece of shit. One of the very few good parts was the end with the guy getting burnt. It also spent way too much time with his wife, whom I didn't give a shit about, and annoyed me. I also thought the villain was an annoying ugly fucker, saying nightrider all the time and having a shitty ass haircut and eye shadow. The action was alright but theres barely any until the end, and even that doesn't hold a candle to the car scenes in mad max 2, which is a better film by a landslide. Imo, mad max had a shitty camera, shitty bird noises in the background, and shitty music, with a shitty villain. It looked budget as hell. Mad Max 2 was awesome, and cooler in every way. Mad Max 1 was terrible.

The is a tough one, but I have to give it to The Road Warrior.