Firewall vs. The Fugitive



Love Harrison Ford. Both have great performances from the big guy, but The Fugitive is better

Agree with agentj, Ford is great in both, but Fugitive is better, I mean, its got Tommy Lee Jones in it.

The Fugitive is much better than the slightly disappointing Firewall. Harrison Ford is great in both, though.

I found Firewall to be a watchable little thriller, but forgettable. This isn't even a contest, and I've already wasted too many characters on it. Even without Oscar-winning Tommy Lee Jones, The Fugitive would be better.

No question The Fugitive is better, but after watching it again, I can say with utmost sincerity in my heart that Tommy Lee Jones' Oscar might just be the most undeserved in the history of that award. He is laughably bad, a totally ridiculous caricature of the "ass-kickin" cop. Just watch the scene where he yells at Joey Pants for not doing anything; it's totally cringe-worthy.

I agree with Docwible, both are good, but Fugitive is better, now if only Firewall had Tommy Lee Jones....

The Fugitive is truly one of the best action films ever made, and easily tops Firewall (though to it's credit, Firewall isn't nearly as bad as I expected).

The Fugitive ALL THE WAY. Firewall sucks.