Split vs. Unbreakable



I hope this matchup isn't considered a spoiler...


I'm very excited to see what else Shyamalan has planned. Can't remember the last time I said that about him. Split made me a believer again.


Very exciting.

Sequels are never as good.... ;)

I guess I need to rewatch Split before I can truly answer this! When I saw Split, I didn't overly care for it, but after having time to think about it and realise what it was intended to do, I'm starting to really like it. Unbreakable gets my vote... for now.

I'll be the different one here and go with Split. I'll base my decision on two dactors. First, the performance by James McAvoy was award winning. Second, Shyamalan did the one thing he never does, and that was not put a twist on it......until he did, which is why I loved it.

i think im gonna have to go with split....im more into the edge of your seat kinda movie.

Small edge to Split...

I'm switching sides after watching Split a couple nights ago! Unbreakable is good but it overuses the things that worked the Sixth Sense. Split can stand as it's own film, well, at least until the ending. Can't wait for Glass!

The last minute with Willis is better than the whole film. Absurd.



Small edge to Unbreakable

Split was a great examination of how society creates the very monsters that ultimately come back to haunt it, but Unbreakable executes the same concept better. I disagree, Split was way more harrowing, with better performances and a more memorable ending. Split is bullshit! If pain and suffering could give a person superpowers I'd be Jesus Christ by now. Quiet! Not everything is about you. God you're such a narcissist.

Both among Shymalan's best, but his slowburn tendencies means these are both 4 (out of 5) star movies. That being said it's close, but the edge slightly goes to "Split".

Unbreakable by a lot. It's better executed and acted. The characters were way more interesting, and even though the twist wasn't any great, it's still better than the (spoiler alert) Shared Universe twist. Oh, just because Marvel made it popular. I'm really looking forward for Glass tho. But Unbreakable knocks Split out of the park.