The Sixth Sense vs. Groundhog Day



man this is a tough one...Best M. Night vs. Bill Murray in his prime?

In my opinion 'Unbreakable' is M. Night's best, so Murray wins here.

These are two nearly perfect films, tarnished slighly by the decline of key elements in the time since their release. Shyamalan is doing his best to drag Sixth Sense down by the weight of his increasingly lame latter efforts, while McDowell is nearly unwatchable now, and beliving Phil Conner would ever really go for her is harder than ever. Sixth Sense gets it by truly dropping the all time best twist on us. Yah, sure you figured it out. Right!

As great of a film The Sixth Sense is, it's really good it's first run. After that it just becomes less interesting to watch. I've watched Groundhog Day tons of times and it doesn't get old for me.

Hmmm this matchup seems oddly fitting in some ways.

When comparing 2 films I consider the story, acting, cinematography, the musical score, directing, moral lessons, quotable dialogues and if it is good for repeat viewings. The Sixth Sense is a drama, the 2 solid leads were great. It had a good twist, the sound effects added to it's surprise factor. Groundhog Day had loads of lines that are memorable and have a few lessons we can learn from. The storytelling was unique and actors did a decent job with the drama and comedy. Overall, Groundhog Day stands the test of time, very viewable and enjoyable after several years. If you need a good scare, Sixth Sense delivers.

This is a hard choice because they are very different movies. If you want a good scare, definetly, Sixth Sense, but Groundhog Day has a more deeper meaning. I will go with Grounhog Day because it had a ore remarkable message.

Groundhog Day.