The Sixth Sense vs. Planet of the Apes



Two movies I saw today, and two movies where I (sadly) already knew how they were going to end. With Planet of the Apes, it honestly wasn't much of a problem that I knew the ending, but with The Sixth Sense it was. If you know the ending of The Sixth Sense, like I did, the movie becomes very unimpressive and predictable. I'd say 75% to 90% of the scenes in the movie rely on the ending. Because of this, I couldn't get much enjoyment out of it. The performances were good, the script was good, the directing was good, but once you know the ending all you can think of is how the scenes relate to the ending, and most of the scenes do. It becomes distracting. The ending itself isn't the problem at all, because it IS a good ending; the scenes built around the ending are the problem. Although I knew the ending of Planet of the Apes, it didn't ruin anything for me, at least not much. It was still very entertaining and interesting. There's little focus on the ending, so the scenes aren't distracting, unlike in The Sixth Sense. Honestly, this is no contest. Not that I think that The Sixth Sense was a bad movie, but I think Planet of the Apes is much better, even if we ignore their endings.

MysticSpoon has both these movies pegged perfectly. As well done as it is, The Sixth Sense is just too much of a "gimmick" movie; it's very much reliant on its twist ending. You take away the twist at the end of Planet of the Apes, and it's still a good film. Easy choice...

Ya, I agree with both of your points, I saw the Sixth Sense last night, however, I didn't know the ending so I liked it. Planet of the Apes was good as well, neither of these REALLY blew me away though, whatever is higher on my list wins

well even if Sixth Sense didnt have the Twist ending (which was original back then) it still would be original and its still scary with great acting and a deep film and While Planet of Apes feels dated its a great sci-fi film and Franchise love 6th but Planet is way better even the story and concept is great!

I actually guessed the ending to Sixth Sense about 3/4’s of the way through. I was one of the last of my friends to see it way back when it came out. I have a reputation of figuring movies out before they actually unfold, so my friends kept telling me to go see it because they thought it was a movie that I wouldn’t figure out. It only motivated me throughout the movie to get the twist beforehand. And I did. Both movies have remarkable twist endings, but POTA’s is more epic. In fact, POTA is my second favorite sic-fi of all time behind 2001: A Space Odyssey. Goodness… 1968 was such a historical year for sic-fi film.

I saw it recently and have known the ending since it came out. But after seeing it (on Netflix) I can't understand how people didn't see it coming. He got fatally shot and they didn't show him survive.....I know that's easy for me to say considering I knew the ending but I'm just saying.

Sixth sense.It has better acting,better direction oh abd better twist ending

It is true that The Sixth Sense's gimmick makes it unworthy of repeat viewings. I was blown away by the ending the first time I watched it (I obviously didn't see it coming), and then the second time it was fun to see how clearly the ending was actually hinted to throughout the film. But now...I have little reason to ever see it again. I have seen POTA at least three or four times, and I will go back. No, knowing the twist ending there doesn't hurt it. In fact, I don't even know if it was spoiled for me before the first time or not. Doesn't really matter, I guess.