The Sixth Sense vs. Titanic



Fuck both these movies.

Sixth Sense is clever. But Titanic is not the shitty movie everybody wants it to be (see Avatar for that).

I enjoy Titanic, but I'll go with Sixth Sense in a close match up.

I enjoy Titanic a lot I think its one of the great romantic epics with and ending that we all see coming yet are never prepared for,great acting,stunning visuals Beautiful Kate Winslet bad ass Billy Zane! however Sixth Sense is Haunting and original i can watch it more often its mysterious and Scary(dont watch alone at night) with a great payoff ending and crazy good acting by Joel and Wahlberg, Titanic wins for its epicness but its close.

Both are great but if I had to pick one to watch Titanic would probably win most times.

I think Titanic has too many missteps, but it's still amazing.