The Others vs. Men in Black



MIB is pure win while The Others was pure creep out.


Looved The Others.

The first MiB was great fun

The Others. Men in Black was fun, but it doesn't stand up to the craftsmanship on display in The Others.

I was sorta disappointed in The Others, but it had a good twist and it earns the rating of plain: good. Men in Black was a lot of fun and it wins.

The Others!

Men in Black.

I wasn't all that crazy about Men in Black though it might end up going up on a re-watch. For now, The Others by a comfortable margin. I didn't love it by any means but Nicole Kidman is fantastic and it's beautifully shot and very well directed. Avoids a lot of the cheap pitfalls of horror and actually attempts to build a brooding sense of atmosphere instead.


The Others is the stand out here.