The Princess Bride vs. Back to the Future



Great Scot! This is the toughest H2H I've seen yet. As well as most people I know, I can recite Princess Bride almost verbatim and do so when I watch it. This REALLY annoys anyone watching the movie in the vicinity, including me, but I can't help it. I've seen BttF a lot as well, but not to the verbatim point, which means I can still stand to watch it with myself. For that reason, the Battle of Wits goes Back to the Future.

A really tough one. Gotta go with the Princess Bride, though.

Anyone who saw these classic movies back in the 80's will be stumped with this choice. Two iconic movies from my Teenage years that i hold so dearly. Man,sometimes this site really dose my pickle in. It's Marty and co for me,but only by a cats whisker.

Princess ftw

A great match up all I have to say is, "Hello, McFly!"

"Back to the Future" calls to mind a lot of nostalgia for me as a kid of the 80s...but "The Princess Bride" was a magical part of that era. Can I vote against it? Inconceivable!

i have to go with Back to the Future here, The Flux capacitor makes the difference.

You have to see both in theaters to make this choice. It's unfair to judge them on hazy VHS memories. That said, they're both incredible adventures, but Back to the Future moves like a rocket from frame one and never lets up. Fastest, funniest two hours one can spend in the theater. Not even the duel between Pirate Roberts and Inigo can top that.

Two of the best of the 1980s. Princess Bride wins with 100% less incestuous kissing.

No possible way to pick both!

Holy crap. This is tough. I love both so much! I'll choose BTTF, though, as I think it's more enduring.

Back to the future just takes the win here.

Damn, I grew up with both of these. I'll go with Back to the Future because of rewatch value.

The Princess Bride will always be one of my all time favorites...but it bows to Marty McFly here....

One of the hardest picks I've had to make. I love both films equally, but in the end I'm picking Back to the Future because objectively it's better quality filmmaking.

I like Back to the Future better.