The Princess Bride vs. Stardust



perfect toss up

Princess Bride wins because it is clear Stardust is playing off of what the Princess Bride did. Tie (or near tie) goes to the elder. I really hope Stardust becomes the next generation's Princess Bride.

The Princess Bride is, I think, the only movie you can even compare Stardust to. And even then, it's still its own unique animal. Both of these films are very quirky and very special in their own way, but I didn't love Stardust the way I do The Princess Bride.

Dosen't matter the movie "The Princess Bride" is one of the best films ever made!!!!

Parts of Stardust were fun and clever, but I didn't really care that much about the romance. Nor did I find the Robert De Niro pirate joke to be all that amusing (stale, actually). The Princess Bride has a lot of memorable lines and the characters are more likable.

Stardust, though i do like Princess Bride it doesn't entertain me as much as when i was a kid and a lot of the comedy and acting falls flat these days

stardust. Princess bride feels dated

I know I'm in the minority on this but I found Stardust much wittier, much cleverer, much more funny, and an-all around better written film. Because when you take the dialogue and the characters out of The Princess Bride, there really isn't much to behold outside of the excellent costume and production design. Stardust, on top of having great characters and witty dialogue, also has a brisker, faster-paced plot that never slows down for a sec as we're constantly thrown from entertaining scene and entertaining scene, with a lot of really original imagery and ideas to boot. So yeah, I prefer Stardust.

A mauling by The Princess Bride...