The Princess Bride vs. Monty Python and the Holy Grail




what a difficult choice :(

What do you mean I have to choose?!

This was the hardest pick so far.

This one's easy for me. The Holy Grail was just too uneven for me. While I love The Princess Bride, I only laughed at about half of The Holy Grail. I loved just about everything John Cleese did (particularly the French soldier--hilarious!), but the rest of the time, I was just scratching my head and thinking, "What the heck am I watching?" The Princess Bride, easily.

PRINCESS BRIDE is funny, but that's it. Funny. Haha. And it's fun; I smile the whole way through that movie. But by the second or third viewing, I'm only smiling, not laughing. MONTY PYTHON is the most inventive, groundbreaking comedy troupe to ever work in film. Period. Charlie Chaplin, the Marx Brothers, Three Stooges -- none of these people have anything on Monty Python. They had a completely unique style, had boundless comedic genius and enough energy to crank out four -- count 'em, FOUR -- feature-length films that are all funnier than THE PRINCESS BRIDE. It's like comparing Judd Apatow to Woody Allen. "Cute" isn't everything.

Why do people think this is a hard choice?

because both movies are timeless

Easily 'Holy Grail' for me, even though I could watch either movie at any time. It's just 'Holy Grail' is my favorite comedy and one I quote the most.

The Princess Bride is a classic fantasy film. The Holy Grail is comedy perfection.

This is a toughy, but The Princess Bride is more well rounded.

Wow, tough choice. I'm giving it to PB only because I never really liked the (non-)ending to Holy Grail.

Monthy Python all the way. Maybe I was too old to watch The Princess Bride and really enjoy it. I would show it to my children the day I have children to show it to, but anyway, Holy Grail is hilarious.

I watched both movies today back to back for the first time and while Monty Python is the funnier movie Princess Bride has way more enjoyable of a story and has that little something that makes it better.

The Princess Bride is a charming little film. I found myself laughing quite a bit at it. It doesn't stand against the Holy Grail for me though, it just doesn't. Monty Python all the way.

Agree with most...very tough choice. Princess Bride wins out though. To's even more rewatchable than the Holy Grail. Very close call though...

Holy Grail is brilliant, but too chaotic. Princess Bride is just brilliant.

If you want to sit down and see a nice, sweet, flowing story, Princess Bride ten times over. But the Holy Grail is like the Holy Grail of comedy.

I just watched Holy Grail for the first time and I loved it, but I definitely prefer The Princess Bride. Nostalgia is probably a huge factor in this matchup.

Holy Grail

These films are currently both in my Top 20 with one on top of the other by 2. Holy Grail is the funnier movie but Princess Bride has a more well rounded and enjoyable story with such memorable characters. The Princess Bride (just) gets my vote.