The Princess Bride vs. Shaun of the Dead



Two of my favorit comedies. In the end the only way i could choose was that i know princess bride can stand the test of time.

I have to agree with rasputant. Both great, but time tells that Princess Bride has classic status.

Even if I have missed the first half of The Princess Bride I will still turn it on and watch the last half.

Shaun of the Dead was funny but it's no classic. PB rocks.

I like Shaun as much as the next guy, but I didn't think this was really a tough choice. tPB is simply more brilliant and well crafted.

Though Shaun is an amazing flick, TPB just can't be stopped.

The Princess Bride is just too awesome, even for Shaun of the Dead.

On one hand, The Princess Bride doesn't have zombies. On the other hand, Shaun of the Dead doesn't have Andre the Giant. Anybody wanna peanut?

Shaun of the Dead is possibly my favorite zombie movie of all time and probably my favorite comedy of the 00s. It's really hard to vote against the Princess Bride. I'm gonna flip a coin. Shaun it is.

Shaun of the Dead is very, very fun, but The Princess Bride is an instant classic. No competition.

........DAMN YOU FLICKCHART!!!!! ....Shaun. Shaun is my favorite movie of all time. Even though I love Princess Bride beyond words, growing up with it, quoting it with my dad, and just generally loving it forever and ever....Simon Pegg. Nick Frost. Edgar Wright. Bill Nighy. References to Spaced. Zombies. Heroes who are literally slacker idiots. What feels like a thousand cameos. No movie has ever made me laugh as hard as Shaun of the Dead. Shaun wins.

Again, both great movies, the real battle is between nostalgia and mature qualities. "Shaun" wins for having 3D characters rather than romantic stereotypes. "Bride" is great for kids.


I've watched Princess Bride ever since I can remember and I never get tired of it.

Princess Bride is boring and dull. Give me ZOMBIES!

The Princess Bride is quotable beyond belief, but Shaun of the Dead is unique and a laugh riot from start to finish. Oh, and it has zombies.

These are my #4 and my #5 movies... Ugh. Shaun... just to shake it up.

Princess Bride is my number one movie so this is no competition for me. Shaun of the Dead had its funny moments but it did not make me laugh as much as Bride did.

Wow. I know PB is a classic, but I'm actually surprised to see it's winning by a landslide. Personally, I thought it was a little boring, too. Shaun of the Dead takes my vote.

I have to with The Princess Bride here. William Goldman's screenplay was impeccable.

I think Shawn got a little fouled up near the end. Having the hero shoot...someone (and most of us have seen it and know who I'm talking about) was a real downer. And Princess Bride is a good alternative to Disney films. It supplies laughs but doesn't over do it like Aladdin or Shrek. You can enjoy the romance and laugh at it without worrying about annoying singing or juvenille jokes. Just clever banter.


Going with Princess Bride. Time has been kind to it. A definite classic.

Shaun of the Dead

The Princess Bride smashes Shaun of the Dead...

I absolutely love Edgar Wright and all of his work but The Princess Bride is a classic that, for me, excels in almost every way. Princess Bride gets my vote.

Didn't care for either. Shaun of the Dead doesn't leave me thinking "why do people like this again?" like Princess Bride does!


I liked Shaun of the Dead but never understood the love for The Princess Bride.

Ooo I love Shaun of the Dead, sorry Princess Bride but Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg are superior

I mean, Shaun of the Dead is fantastic but it’s no Princess Bride.