E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial vs. Thor: Ragnarok



Thor VS ET in the gladiator arena! Odinson popping ET like a zit...that I would pay to see.

Some Led Zeppelin's always good, but I'd take a blockbuster that's a masterpiece over a blockbuster that's just fun.

Spielberg in his prime was the only visionary that could hang with the best of Marvel. Too bad ET isn't top shelf Spielberg...

Neither of them did a lot for me. E.T. is Spielberg's most overrated and also one of his weakest. Ragnarok is alright. It had no substance, an overuse of CGI and jokes that weren't funny but it had more redemptive qualities than E.T.

. Thor: Ragnarok is simply superb.

What the heck? What is with these results right now?

ET is, and will continue to be, a classic, No Thor film will ever reach that caliber.

Love Thor Ragnarok and the entire trilogy for that matter. Way more than a candy eating dull alien I forgot about as a kid in the 1980's.

Thor Ragnorak is much brilliant watchable perfect entertainment more than that unsensational overrated ET is.

Actually Square Master..... This Thor is a Classic.

Agreed Thor is a classic, and ET is dogshit.

Most for sure Ragnarok, ET is a such none special great abut forgettable alien movie.