E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial vs. WALL·E



This one may change from day to day. Today = Wall-E

Both are just great and greatly made, but yeah, today its 'Wall-E'.

wow this is a tough one

Haha... wow. I'd stick with E.T. - Spielberg's great... Knows how to craft a film. Wall-E was good, but can't touch the family dynamic, feeling of empathy for the characters, John Williams's score, and beautiful special effects.

Maybe if Wall-E had a few more years under its belt. But for now it can't compete with the classic tale of E.T.

I have a confession to make: It has been way, way, WAY too long since I've seen E.T. I should not be ranking it, really. It is probably the one movie on my Flickchart that I most NEED to see again. That said...WALL·E, for now.

WALL-E may be one of the finer Pixar films, but even so E.T. is the most magical and uplifting movie I may have ever seen that I can always enjoy watching.

i feel like my brain is going to explode!

There's some nostalgic value to Spielberg's divorce allegory but compared to the simplicity and artistry of the 1st half hour of Wall-E its really not close. Wall-E rules.

totally agree with flickme. I'm a big fan of Spielberg, but for some reason E.T. never really got to me the way WALL-E (or some of his other films, for that matter) did.

For one, Wall-E is cute. E.T., on the other hand, looks like some sort of mutated animal that I would kill on sight just to put it out of its misery, not a lovable alien that I'd take home with me and keep as a pet. The only reason I ever thought for a second that it was cute is because of its actions. But, even in those couple moments, I still found the thing more repulsive than cute. Similarly, I didn't find the film on the whole at all cute. It seemed dated in the sense that it felt like all the other movies to come out around that time, which is not, in my opinion, a good thing at all. To me, it was a cheesy, tritely sentimental waste of time made by a director that went on to much greater things. And, Wall-E? Not only one of the greater things Pixar went onto, but also their greatest achievement to date.

The problem with WALL-E is that its beauty and artistry taper off as the speaking human characters become more involved. I adore it, really, but Pixar's best are always limited by the dueling desires of artistry and family-friendliness. Even then, it's a very difficult choice, but I have to go with E.T. here... today, at least.

flipped a coin lol

Wall-E. Just too much for Speilberg on this one...

E.T for sure.

I've gotta go with WALL•E.

not tough for me I'm going ET

Sorry ET, my childhood fave, but WALL-E has so much more cuteness in him. And he's a freaking robot!

WALL-E is certaintly better and while ET is among an overrated crap stupid Alien form ever it is.