E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial vs. The Dark Knight



Hard one for me, but ET holds too big of a spot in my childhood for it to be usurped, even by something like The Dark Knight.

A very tough, if albeit slightly odd, choice. I think for me the answer is "E.T.", because after almost 30 years after its release I still tear up towards the end. (I don't cry so much over "The Dark Knight")

"E.T." is the one movie I've thought I could "outgrow" since my childhood. I still haven't. It gets me every time, no matter the fact I know what's coming and how it plays out, or how sophisticated or jaded I become.

E.T wins for me....Not saying its better, but I enjoy it more

Allow me to break The Dark Knight's losing streak.


Batman and The Joker take this one.

ET. Dark knight is treated as though it's the new godfather.

E.T. by a whisker, though it took a while before I could put it in my top 20 (probably one of the most significant cases of "ageing like fine wine" that I have experienced). TDK has also grown on me with multiple viewings, and with it approaching 6 years old (a scary thought in its own right), it may grow more, but I'll probably have to wait another 10 years or so to see whether it'll push into the top 20. E.T. wins.

I'm joining the Batman group here.

ET 4 times.

Man i like dark knight but E.T is far better

I wasn't really a fan of E.T. The Dark Knight wins for me.

Dark Knight half dozen

Dark Knight 300 times.

ET 300 times.

Dark Knight 15 572 and 1/2 times.

WTF is going on?!?!?!

Hahahahahaha, ok, SquareMaster, comment again and ok. We crushed Anchorman vs. The Dark Knight, and now ET vs. The Dark Knight. Next: RoboCop 2 vs. The Dark Knight.

The Dark Knight was sure good, but not good as it gets. E.T. is underrated as hell.

E.T. 53 972 and 2/4 times.

E.t. 500x


E.T for Me its pure Magic and a great original piece of Film Making!

Both are in my top 10. E. T. Gets my vote

What the fuck is wrong with people?! This site is going to hell...

I will second Nils98. Such disgusting behaviour. I hope Flickchart v2 does something where only the first comment by a user counts to the overall votes for the matchup. Anyways, E.T for me for being sheer filmmaking wonder. I never saw it as at a particularly young age, but this movie sticks with me like few things on this Earth.

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ET wins






Hmm, glitched and put L twice... oh well.


Dark Knight rules the day. You don't have to spam to prove your point.

ET phone home. Commissioner Gordon phone a mental patient.










TDK is Vastly superior: