E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial vs. Saving Private Ryan



It would have been awesome if, instead of coming back to life and going home, ET had died, but before dying, he pulled Elliot in close and whispered, "Earn this."

Both are brutal, sad...once again, Steven Spielberg has accomplished an astounding task of giving me a hard choice on two of the best films he has ever made.

tough choice between my two favourite Spielberg movies...

I think I am going to pick E.T because of the nostalgia.

@slvs perfect haha, fully agree. Saving Private Ryan wins no doubt.

I've gotta go with E.T.

E.T. Wins by light years!

E.T. couldn't make it through Normandy....

Saving Private Ryan is the better Spielberg film in my opinion.

Interesting matchup. I have to pick Saving Private Ryan though.

Saving Private Ryan and it's not even close.

E.T. by a whisker, though both are currently in my top 20.

Love E.T but Ryan is major greatness a triumph of war films.

Private Ryan all the way

Saving private ryan wins this match up.And I love ET too

Saving Private Ryan by far preeminent...

Depends on my mood but E.T is always a good time


E.T. has its charm but Saving Private Ryan is one of the best war movies of all time.

Both are amazing and are in my top 5 favorite movies of all time but Saving Private Ryan is in the top 2 favorite movies of all time. With the film having an amazing first 20 minutes and an amazing final 20 minutes and is very powerful. So I'm going with Saving Private Ryan which is Spielberg's magnum opus in my opinion.

Best Story: E.T. Best Main Character: E.T. Best Supporting Cast: Saving Private Ryan Best Visual Style: Saving Private Ryan Best Atmosphere: Saving Private Ryan Best Film: Saving Private Ryan