Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them vs. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice



Oh look, Warner Bros Studios clutching at straws! Fantastic Beasts feels like it was commissioned specifically because they were already losing confidence in the DCEU after Man of Steel (not wrongly) and fell back on the last franchise that gave them consistent profits (aside from Lord of the Rings being followed up with The Hobbit trilogy). While Fantastic Beasts definitely had some strong points to it, mainly in the performances of the supporting cast, nothing about it warranted adapting an in-universe textbook from the Harry Potter series into a largely unrelated film, let alone five, as we are allegedly in line for! That being said, it couldn't do worse than Batman V Superman, but then again, not much could.

Fantastic Beasts for having better acting, a more focused story and not being so damn lifeless! Still, I don't consider it any better than a decent yet unspectacular film!

I'll stick with BvS....

Definitely fantastic beasts