Kick-Ass vs. Scott Pilgrim vs. the World



I have to say Scott Pilgrim. Kick-Ass was great, but seriously I prefer Edgar Wright as a director.

Scott Pilgrim was everything Kick-Ass wanted to be: a fun, comic-inspired, action-packed comedy with an interesting love story. Kick-Ass was fun, but an empty experience overall; Scott Pilgrim was challenging, engaging, dazzling and thoroughly fun throughout.

As much as I loved Kick-Ass, Scott Pilgrim is in my opinion the best film I've seen this year so far.


Kick Ass was less repetitive and more entertaining than the fairly ranked Scott Pilgrim.

These two would make a great double-bill. Two of the best graphic novel adaptations, Kick-Ass for it's sense of fun and the ridiculous while Scott Pilgrim is simultaneously a celebration of gaming and comic culture, and a fantastic coming-of-age story (if that phrase can be applied to a twenty-something). Now Vegan Police vs. Big Daddy, who's going to win that one? I give this to Scott Pilgrim for consistency and bringing something other that what you expect.

Kick Ass' action sequences where really all that kept it from being a complete disappointment for me; Scott Pilgrim's action sequences, on the other hand, were the icing on the proverbial cake.

I love Kick Ass but I did get bored around the middle of the movie.Scott Pilgrim is a movie that gets more ridiculously awesome minute by minute.

Kick-Ass wasn't bad, but it was disappointing. Scott Pilgrim never ever let me down.

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World is not even close to being as entertaining as Kick-Ass. Even though the Kick-Ass character isn't very interesting, Scott Pilgrim is whiny and annoying. The whole movie is just a bunch of ADD flashiness without a single sympathetic character (except maybe Knives). I guess if someone spends most of their life playing video games, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World might be relatable. Otherwise, it's repetitive and obnoxious, and nowhere near as original as some people claim. I was bored 95% of the time. It's a totally empty waste of time, without any genuine moments of fun or drama.


Kick-Ass was a very fun film, but Scott Pilgrim was more groundbreaking in its execution, and a whole lot more funnier than Kick-Ass. I do think Kick-Ass had more gripping action sequences and Scott Pilgrim's action sequences got repetitive at times, but there's just so much more greatness in Scott Pilgrim Vs the World that that minor nuisance could be overlooked.

I wish I could overlook that minor nuisance, but I spent the whole movie counting down each evil ex-boyfrind battle in hopes that the movie would reach its conclusion. By the second fight, I had completely lost interest. I felt absolutely nothing for Scott Pilgrim or Ramona as characters, and I'm truly sick of Michael Cera, so there was no way for me to get into the movie at all. With Kick-Ass, I thought that it was dumb and original that he pretended to be gay so the girl would like him. But then Scott Pilgrim has a gay friend character who is exactly like every other gay friend character from every other movie I've seen. Gay people stopped being funny for their gayness a long time ago, and Wallace seemed to exist solely to make gay-oriented jokes. (That "perfect a**hole" joke toward the end was really, really lame.) So even the biggest thing that bugged me about the Kick-Ass movie was upstaged in its annoyingness by something similar in Scott Pilgrim. And at least I cared whether the Kick-Ass character succeeded in defeating the villain or not. The Scott Pilgrim character was so unlikable, and the movie was so cartoonish and hyperactive, that there was no one to root for and no real drama or excitement. Just lots of lights and noise. I haven't wanted a movie to hurry up and end so much in a long time. I used to read comic books and play video games quite a bit back in the day, so it's not that I don't enjoy those sorts of things. But I didn't find anything about Scott Pilgrim to be that great, or even mildly fun. Like I said, I maybe felt some sympathy for Knives, but even she got on my nerves. The only thing distinctive about Ramona was that she changed her hair color frequently, which is something many girls do. Quirky "cool" chicks like her are a dime a dozen. And Michael Cera must have something in his contract stating that each of his characters must have a guitar. I wanted to like this movie, but it just didn't happen.

Oh, I meant "dumb and unoriginal" regarding Kick-Ass pretending to be gay.

Scott Pilgrim wins this one for me, hands down. I thought Kick-Ass was pretty good but it falls flat in all areas when compared to the excellent writing, comedy, and quality love story present in Scott Pilgrim. Also, I think Scott Pilgrim has the definite potential of being one of the most rewatchable (not to mention most quotable) movies I've ever seen.

Two fantastic movies. I'll go with Kick-Ass, but only by a hair. Purely due to Hitgirl....

Two fantastic movies. I'll go with Kick-Ass, but only by a hair. Purely due to Hitgirl....


scott pilgrim is my favorite movie of 2010 :)

Pilgrim all the way! Kick-Ass didn't hit the right buttons comedically. Pilgrim is grounded in basic human emotions, things we can relate too. Simple put there are no jet packs. LOL.

kick ass

Kick-Ass was enjoyable, but SCOTT PILGRIM VS. THE WORLD was fried gold. Really hard to believe it was all but unseen.

I don't understand the love that Kick-Ass gets. It was fine, but Scott Pilgrim was awesome.

Kick-Ass might just very well be Vaughn's masterpiece because it is a film that pretends to make fun of comic books, and superficially it does, but underneith it all it addresses what it is to be a movie goer, and how we are willing to shelf our morals to be witness. Compared to Scott Pilgrim, which is a movie that clings to the superficial in a way to pump as much entertainment out of it as possible, Kick-Ass is artistically superior (Not saying Wright is in no way an artist, just watch Hot Fuzz and how it shows the subversive regime built out of tragedy and look how it compares to bush era politics). That diatribe aside, Scott Pilgrim hits my remaining sentimental bones. It is like The Princess Bride, superficial, and overlooked but wonderfully entertaining. Scott Pilgrim wins.

Pilgrim,Kick Ass wasn't as fun as Pilgrim,but it was fun.Scott Pilgrim had a more lasting impression after watching it.

I'm with the crowd on this one. Kick-Ass was, indeed, fun, but for me, the violence was actually just a little too over-the-top. Chloe Moretz was great, but Hit Girl's kills were just a little too gruesome for me to truly "enjoy" them. (Maybe that's also part of my problem with Tarantino and Rodriguez films; it's why I know I'm never going to see Machete.) I'm not a big video gamer, either, but Scott Pilgrim also entertained me from beginning to end, and of these two, it's actually the film that struck more of an emotional chord with me. I'm actually going to give Pilgrim a little bit of space before I rank it (I don't know how much I "loved" it, so much as "got caught up in" it), but I know I had a bit more of a positive reaction to it immediately after watching, and I'll have it a little higher on my chart than Kick-Ass.

They're both insanely awesome, but I'll go Scott Pilgrim. The whole comic-strip-come-to-life thing it's go going on is epic, and I never would have thought that michael cera would be funny, but he is. It's great. I should really read the comics.

...Someone up there called "Scott Pilgrim" challenging. It is a lot of things, but challenging it ain't. I'll take "Kick-Ass," though I don't think either of them deserve all the praise they've garnered here. Without Kieran Culkin and the Vegan Police, I would have completely forgotten "Scott Pilgrim" already. "Kick-Ass" could have done with a trim (those FPS scenes will never work on the big screen) and the violence felt border-line exploitative at times, but at least it wasn't boring.

The target audience of the two movies is quite alike, but I simply like the kick-ass characters better. Scott Pilgrim is entertaining and all, but it is more enjoyable for guys who are in love with ramona, wich is definitely not my case. Though I can identify with scott's lack of self respect, he gets really annoying and I feel so sorry for knives chau. I think the best Scott Pilgrim characters are the quirky supporting ones, like kim and wallace, while the main ones get repetitive. In kick-ass, hit girl is PLAIN AWESOME (really, you guys are whining about violence? My 52-year-old mom watched it with me and she didn't say anything about it), big daddy is awkward but you can feel sorry for him, and aaron johnson is a great at showing how ridiculous we can get by doing things we love or believe in.

Hit Girl is possibly the most memorable Super Hero performance in a motion picture ever. Kick Ass kicks ass and wins this match up easily. Chloe should have recieved an Oscar nod.


Great match-up! I really liked both, but loved Scott Pilgrim more than Kick-Ass.

I'm going with Kick-Ass in this match up. The characters in it seemed a lot more in depth and I ended up caring for for them than in Scott Pilgrim vs the World. Even though Scott Pilgrim was more consistent in its delivery, most of the characters rang hollow & I really couldn't care less if Pilgrim got the girl in the end, but rather seeing how the next fight will top the last one. So Kick-Ass felt like the more complete movie for me, and the winner, in my opinion.


You've got be kidding me! Kick-ass was so much better than the overrated Scott pilgrim


You've got be kidding me! Kick-ass was so much better than the overrated Scott pilgrim

Kick Ass was fun, fast paced and cool. Scott Pilgrim was just slow.

Man, I love Kick-ass. Fantastic action and also very funny. Scott Pilgrim was alright, but not as entertaining or good as Kick-ass. I wasn't a big fan of Scott Pilgrim's style and humour, most of it fell flat for me. But I think that mainly has to do with my taste, because I don't think I was part of the target audience. Yes, I play(ed) a lot of videogames, but I never played on an old-school console (like SNES). It's hard for me to explain why I like Kick-ass a lot more. But I think entertainment, realism, humour, soundtrack and (hidden) message are some of the key factors for me.

Two of my favourite movies adapted from the comic book culture. Kick Ass does what it says on the tin and is a brilliant movie and in my book a brilliant tongue in cheek look at superheroes, it has action, comedy, great characters and doesn't take it's self too seriously. SP on the other hand is simply amazing in it's visuals, execution and dry humour. SP does the book(s) great justice and blends comic book styles with video games perfectly and for me just tips it over Kick Ass.

This match up is hard for me because I love both these movies. Kick-ass was great and really showed what would happen if someone was dumb enough to try being a superhero without any prior training. The main character is entirely relatable to anyone who has ever thought of being a superhero. I'm going to pick Scott Pilgrim though because it was amazingly done. This was Michael Cera's best role yet in my opinion. It does a fantastic job of taking everything fun, nerdy and vintage gamer and pays tribute to it and mocks it at the same time. No pacing problems at all for either of these movies. However, I liked the characters of Scott Pilgrim more. Wallace more than made up for that annoying singing first evil ex.

Just watched Scott Pilgrim for the first time, and watched Kick Ass about a month ago for the first time. On balance, I'm going to go with Kick Ass. I can relate more to the desire to be a superhero (as Black Dragon mentioned above), and the characters and action sequences were more entertaining for me. Scott Pilgrim was alright, but I felt like it didn't really get going until the third act storywise, and I'll echo what people have said about the side characters being more entertaining than the main characters; I'm not a fan of Michael Cera, Mary Elizabeth Winstead was largely unmemorable apart from the hair colour change, the gay jokes became tedious after a while, and the only sequences I really liked were (to echo the above) the Vegan-police, Chris Evans character and the climax. I laughed a bit, but I really wanted to laugh more, and while I have played plenty of video games and I did get most of the references, I didn't really find them "funny", I just sat there thinking "oh look, there's a reference to rhythm games, there's a reference to beat 'em up games, there are loads of references to every single pre-2000 8-bit game ever created (although the Universal logo at the beginning was pretty cool). Neither of these films were the best I've ever seen, but while I'd give Scott Pilgrim a 6.5/10 I'd give Kick Ass a 7.5/10 (maybe an 8 on a good day); characters more relatable and sympathetic (to me at least), found it funnier and more exciting on the whole.

Also, to echo Mystic Spoon, while I have played plenty of video games, I'm not a retro-gamer, who I think most of the references were geared towards.

Also, to echo Mystic Spoon, while I have played plenty of video games, I'm not a retro-gamer, who I think most of the references were geared towards.

So hard to choose but i go with Scott Pillgrim.. even though the best character of the two movies is Hit Girl

not-having Nicolas Cage gives scott pilgrim an advantage.

Looks like smatticus and MysticSpoon are against ya Scotty, I have your movie at #9, Mr. Pilgrim so I'm going with you!

I loved Kick-Ass solely for Big Daddy and Hit-Girl. Those character were sooooo good. But SPvsTW teaches us that bread makes you fat.

I loved both, but I prefer Kick-Ass.

These two movies are very similar to each other. They are both based on popular graphic novels and both work very well as adaptations to these stories. They are both filled heightened-action, amazing vicious, and a large blast of energy. These are movies that a bit divided as some people either really love or really hate these movies (it's mostly a matter of taste, though). I really liked both of these movies and what they have to offer. But I honestly prefer Scott Pilgrim over Kick-Ass as I find myself having a more enjoyable time. I think Scott Pilgrim is a much more fictionalized, enjoyable, and memorable film. Scott Pilgrim presents a large purely-fantasy world that runs on the logic of 80s and 90s video game nostalgia. While Kick-Ass tries to present a more realistic world and tries to present the ultimate question of "how a superhero would function in real life?", which I don't think works as well (I prefer how they did it in the graphic novel). So while I like both of these films very much, I'm going to have to go to Scott Pilgrim on this one.

Too action comedies from 2010. Scott PIlgrim was more fun and more creative, so it wins.

"Too action comedies". Shit.

Oh boy. Kick-Ass was quite the good one, sure, one of the more surprisingly dark and eerie superhero films I've watched, and Hit Girl and Big Daddy were the ultimate badasses. But no story has engrossed me more in a long time than Scott Pilgrim. Edge to the latter.


Scott Pilgrim is obviously better. Kick-Ass was pretty good but disappointing. Scott Pilgrim exceeded my expectations.

Scott Pilgrim will be better.

Scott Pilgrim is fun. Kick-Ass is lame.