Kick-Ass vs. Hot Fuzz




In my opinion, Kick-Ass is much funnier than Hot Fuzz. But that's coming from a Kick-Ass fanboy, so...does that mean I'm unreliable?

I found Hot Fuzz remarkably unfunny. Not that Kick-Ass was a laugh riot or anything, but I think when you fail at your main selling point for a movie it says a lot.

Hmmm, interesting dilemma. I really enjoy both, but I think I'm going to go for Kick-Ass on the basis of enjoying it on first viewing (as opposed to Hot Fuzz, which I enjoyed considerably more on second viewing). But this is really close, love Hot Fuzz (as well as pretty much anything with Simon Pegg and Nick Frost in it).

Gotta be Hot Fuzz. Whilst Kick-Ass was good, it's not regarded as the classic that Hot Fuzz was, sorry!

Kick-Ass all the way.

I was let down by both of these. Hot Fuzz squeaks by Kick-Ass for this one.

Goddamn. Disagreeing with the majority here is such a frequent occurrence that I'm usually not surprised. But I can't shake the feeling that as wrong as you guys can be a good deal of the time, you muthafuckas really messed up on this one. Kick-Ass is fun and all, but how could you give the 'L' to a couple of guys so lovable that I'd go gay just so I could tell myself on a daily basis that I fucked them? Wright/Pegg/Frost, all the way.

Hot Fuzz. Loved Kick Ass and thought it was very original. But Fuzz is funnier and more entertaining overall.

Wow, I lol'd at my own comment. Good job, self.

Both are great. Both are unique comedies that are going to stand the test of time because of the absurdity, hilarity and originality.

Definitely Hot Fuzz

Hot Fuzz for being more clever and less mean-spirited