Kick-Ass vs. Watchmen



This is kinda tough...


This is tough but I lean to the more ambitious Watchman.

Watchmen is a pretty cool movie. Plenty of violence and cheesecake to go with the impressive visuals. It's so chock full of details and diversions that the rewatchability factor is nearly off the charts. I do take issue with the use of music in the movie, though, because the soundtrack has so many well-known songs that their presence becomes distracting. And they aren't particularly clever choices. (Music in movies often strongly influences my opinion.) Anyway, when I think of Watchmen and Kick-Ass, two characters instantly come to mind for their coolness: Rorschach and Hit Girl. Both are ruthless killers who don't take shit, and easily the most interesting characters (to me). Rorschach is sort of the dark side of Hit Girl, but they are quite similar. Except that hit Girl hasn't developed a political ideaology to justify her actions and she had a more nurturing upbringing. So, yeah... I thought Rorschach's fate in Watchmen was more upsetting than Hit Girl getting beat up (which bothered some viewer's, from what I understand), because I felt bad for the guy despite his sociopathic tendencies. His heart was sort of in the right place when it came to dishing out justice. Wait, maybe Rorschach could be better compared to Big Daddy... actually, maybe not. What was I saying? Oh, yeah - Kick-Ass didn't have as intrusive a soundtrack. And the ending of Watchmen kind of bugs me. It's not quite as bizarre as the one from the graphic novel, but it still works out the same. Would Ozymandias's plan actually work? I don't know. I need to think about this more. Kick-Ass wins.

This is really tough but I'll go with Kick Ass it was one of most fun first time watching experience I ever had

Whoah. This one is a *tough* decision to make. I was very impressed with the Watchmen effort, but I really enjoyed Kick-Ass a ton. I'm going to squeeze my eues closed and click on Kick-Ass for this one.

As much as I like Kick Ass.The ambitiousness of Watchmen is stunning.

Incredibly NOT tough. Kick Ass all the way...

Both of these films are violent superhero movies. Watchmen's violence is intended while the other is just gratuitous. I was enjoyed by the first few minutes of Kick-Ass but after the blood started splurting on the screen, it blocked my vision of the characters. The opposite was with Watchmen, the characters overshadowed the rest of the violence. Watchmen all the time.

I really liked Kick-Ass. In fact, it's one of my favorite superhero movies.It isn't nearly as good as Nolan's Batman movies, but still one of my favorites. Watchmen is even better than Kick-Ass. It is more than just an entertaining and interesting movie. It is a masterpiece.

It's Watchmen for me. I don't like Kick-Ass as much as most people.

Two of my all-time favorite superhero movies. Watchmen had just a little too much slow-mo and some poorly chosen music. It's still a fantastic movie, but I have to go with Kick-Ass. Just thinking about it makes me want to see it for the one billionth time.

Kick-Ass wins it for me....Watchmen bites more than it can chew and doesn't translate well onto the big screen....although i wud blame zack snyder for that......Kick Ass on the other hand hits all the right notes....its entertaining, violent , even poignant at times and just a blast of energy ...The Hit girl played superbly by Chloe Moretz is a big bonus....

Oops sorry about that....never intended that to happen...technical glitch i suppose....

Tough one - at the end of the day Kick-Ass had much more heart: it really believed that one person can make a difference (but will probably get themselves killed in the process). Watchmen was a stunning film, but perhaps just took itself a bit too seriously.

Ahhhhh. Kickass.

I love both, but I've seen Watchmen twice and Kick-Ass only once. I guess I'll give it to Watchmen.

Wow! Very difficult matchup but im gonna have to say that kick-ass just edges out watchmen here.

Watchmen gets the win, not by a lot tho. If Kick-Ass featured Hit-Girl a lot more then it may have edged out the win. I love both of these movies sooooo much. Ultimately they both win.

Kick-Ass was a cool and really unique movie but I like Watchmen quite a bit more.

Watchmen is better...

Kickass 1 and 2 are the winners, you can pop em in anytime and they have a more fun approach to the “what if superheroes were real?” scenario and are a ridiculous satire