Kick-Ass vs. Super



Here we have two films about regular guys trying to become superheroes. Kick-Ass was a good time. It knew exactly what it wanted to accomplish and did so successfully. Super on the other hand seemed to be all over the place. It didn't know if it wanted to be sweet or grotesque; funny, or just plain weird. Kick-Ass is the movie Super wanted to be.

kick-ass is the movie super should have been.

Kick-Ass was a fun movie, but I found Super to be a much stronger film with better writing and performances. The main arc for the protagonist was much more interesting and rewarding, and I found Super's darker style of humor to be more effective. Plus, you can't go wrong with a psychotic Ellen Page.

Super was the better "amateur" superhero movie.

While Super is the more real approach to powerless superheroes it is by far not as stylish and fun as Kick-Ass. That combined with more than one plot hole and a little too over the top performance by Ellen Page makes Kick-Ass a clear winner.

Super was a good showing. Even though it was barebones and indie, it was successful with enough of its brutality, cussing and anti-humour to be enjoyable. A lot of that enjoyment was down to Ellen Page though, I didn't realise quite how partial I am to the girl, and she was fucking brilliant here. But Kick-Ass is way more lavish and polished and Hollywood. It had better action, a wonderful soundtrack (which sucked in Super btw), more consistent laughs and was generally more grand. If anything, watching Super made me appreciate just how much I liked Kick-Ass. Now if they had made a film about Boltie... Ohoh Baby!

The eternal question.

Im going with Kick Ass....but not by much. SUPER was dynamite and deserves an audience...

Both films set up an ordinary world with ordinary people taking up costumed crime fighting. But kick ass then tries to have it both ways by introducing hit girl, with her superhuman powers of accuracy. That felt a bit like cheating.

The basic plots for these films are pretty similar, but ultimately, the executions differ a lot. Super is smaller, bleaker overall, less action-y. Kick-Ass, like Cleckley said, feels more Hollywood (even though it's an indy film as well, surprisingly enough), more action-packed (and the action that's there is also more elaborate) and it felt "bigger". Granted, bigger doesn't always mean better, but with Kick-Ass, I thought it did. I liked Super a lot, but I don't think it has nearly as much rewatch value as Kick-Ass.

Super for me. Didn't love Kick-Ass, I found Super funnier.

Super cause I like the story more and Frank does alot more asskicking than Dave.