Stalker vs. Solaris



Damn. Major Tarkovsky throwdown. If you were to ask me which one I'd rather watch again, I'd definitely choose Solaris. But in terms of which is better- I think it would be Stalker.

Both have rather "stagey" tendencies, with a propensity for incongruous rambling philosophical monologues, maybe the only real flaw either film has (though much of the meat is in the dialogue). But they both make up for it with--really--unmatched cinematography. They beautifully portray nature and man's relationship with it. It seems Tarkovsky never really managed to reconcile these two extremes, but hey. They're both heavy as hell and make me feel dead after seeing them. It's a tough call. If I were to choose five films to preserve after the hypothetical fall of civilization, they'd both be included. So would two or three other Tarkovsky movies. Yeah, my society might be a bit uniform.

loved them both but gotta go with solaris

I think I might go with Stalker here. Both of these are only within a few spots on my chart though.

both are great films, but solyaris pales in comparison to any other tarkovsky film

While I love Stalker I don't think I love it as much as Solaris. Both are fantastic, though.

Even though I have to choose one, I'd choose both.

But Stalker is much better...