Vertigo vs. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly



I must've been out of my mind to click on the Top 20 filter! What was I thinking??? Anyway, this is a showdown of the best mystery thriller I've ever seen versus the best western I've ever seen. I vividly remember the first time I saw each of these giants. I was floored and instantly fell in love. I fought the urge to go back and watch GBU all over again the moment it finished the first time. However, with Vertigo, I tried to fight that urge, but I couldn't contain myself. Seriously, the first time I watched Vertigo, I went back and watched it again the very same day! There really is no loser here. The correct answer for me is "tie", but since flickchart puts movies in a mutually exclusive environment, I must go with Vertigo. GBU is addictive, but I find Vertigo even more addictive... if that's even possible. Love this site!

Even though it's the much longer film, The Good, the Bad and the Ugly has fewer slow patches than Vertigo. That's what makes the biggest difference here.

Well, that and it's probably the coolest movie of all time. Vertigo's top-shelf stuff - something I liked, at first and now I like, more. I don't always love Hitchcock's "best" (Notorious and Shadow of a Doubt, come to mind - Shadow, less so), but Vertigo's up there. But I'm a Leone before I'm a Hitchcock guy every day of the week (and I love him), and The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly is myth-making at its grimiest, nasty-ass-buttcrack-sweatiest, at its most badass - it just wins. And that's not a knock on the Master of Suspense. Leone's just that fucking good. He does an Italian riverdance all over EVERYBODY's shit. "The vibe is big. The room is small."

The Good, the Bad, and The Ugly is good enough. Tops Vertigo.

I adore Vertigo, but Leone's film is just too amazing to lose here. That's no slight on Vertigo though because there are only 2 films that I'd put over The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.

I'll be the uncool kid here and go with Vertigo. I'm sorry, but the stuff with the confederates felt like the film was stopping for a red sign for about 30 minutes. Not that the movie isn't great, because it is, but the confederates stuff was mostly superfluous in my eyes.

TGTBARU gets the win. More re-watchable.

GBU is the only movie I've seen better than Verigo.

Both are in my top 10 but Vertigo takes this one by one spot.

I'm going Vertigo

Vertigo wins by a hair