Vertigo vs. Blue Velvet



Wow. Toughie. Both movies were groundbreaking during the era they were made....I think I'll have to go with Vertigo. While the deception in both movies is far-fetched, the world Hitchcock created in Vertigo is more grounded than the world David Lynch portrayed in Blue Velvet.

Hitchcock did a good job going a bit deeper into the psyche to create VERTIGO. It's a good horror film where the scariest stuff is watching good ol' boy Jimmy Stewart victimized by his own disturbed impulses. David Lynch went deeper still with BLUE VELVET, which, in addition to being more disturbing and abstract, was also considerably more honest and artistic.


I gotta say Blue Velvet.

Vertigo, i'm just into Hitchcock more than Lynch

What a great matchup. Vertigo is slightly better but I myself love Blue velvet little bit more atleast right now.

Vertigo wins with ease.


Vertigo > Blue Velvet is what matter.

two enormously powerful films, but i prefer hitchcock's vision to lynch's here

Vertigo by a mile. Blue Velvet feels disjointed.