Vertigo vs. 2001: A Space Odyssey



2001.. but i love vertigo as well.

Oh my goodness!!! The wonder and amazement of 2001 vs. the mesmerizing and hypnotic Vertigo. I am so torn right now.


"Vertigo" is amazing. It's my favourite Hitchcock film, and it's my 4th favourite film of all time. As much as I love "Vertigo", I'm going with "2001", because it affected me like no other film has before when I first saw it. It completely blew me away. "2001" is the ultimate film experience and it's my all-time favourite film. "2001" wins!

Just could never get into Vertigo. 2001 wins.

Vertigo is an amazing film, but 2001 changed movies.

Two true Masterpieces 2001 might be better put together and a stronger film but as two of my fav directors ever im going with Hitchcock and Stewart love the film Vertigo more its so Psychological and scary feel like You are there watching it all happen infront of you- brilliant acting and cinematography is top notch.

2001 got me into movies but I have to be in a certain mood to watch it.I could watch Vertigo over and over so I guess it wins.

Why me Flickchart? Why'd you have to pick on me, huh?

Both are in top 5 best films ever made. I love 2001 just inch more


2001 is the greatest film ever made.

Yes, I'm was insomniac and I must agree. 2001 help me sleep.

Vertigo simply delivers more.

Vertigo was engaging, intriguing, and has more "genius" from start to finish, unlike the piece of shit 2001 which only had that in maybe a few moments.

Both are masterpieces but I like Vertigo a little bit more.

"Vertigo was engaging, intriguing, and has more "genius" from start to finish, unlike the piece of shit 2001 which only had that in maybe a few moments." this is just bullshit.

"Vertigo was engaging, intriguing, and has more "genius" from start to finish, unlike the piece of shit 2001 which only had that in maybe a few moments." this is just bullshit.

2001 Isn't very entertaining. Well done for sure but I'm not sitting through it again. Vertigo crushes.

500th comment! Now I'm about 9100 comments away from commenting the most on FlickChart. And what should I do to celebrate this milestone? By talking about my two favourite films. I'm rather ashamed I overlooked this matchup. The artistic beauty and the long impression they leave is way they're my top 2! 2001: A Space Odyssey can be viewed as a moving artwork or a silent film, yet it uses sound to better the film (e.g. Dave's breathing, HAL's chilling voice). Everything about the film can be analysed so everyone has a different interpretation of it. It proves that science and religion can co-exist and presents the idea evolution and the beginning of the universe better than any film ever. I've seen it 5 times in the last 12 months and I love it more and more every time. Because not only do I have a different experience of it but you can't grasp the complexity with only 1-2 viewings. Now to Vertigo, which has recently taken the #1 spot on my chart. The psychological themes about obsession and what it could do to your mindset are powerful. James Stewart is my favourite actor and he gives his best performance here bringing a more dark and twisted performance than what he normally gives. The screenplay is the best ever written with all the symbolism and twists. Hitchcock's direction, how it uses colours, the bittersweet love story, everything! Both endings are powerful but Vertigo's ending and what it means is just plain haunting (in fact, I couldn't sleep the night after watching Vertigo). Vertigo is my favourite film of all time but 2001 is a close #2!

my favorite films from possibly the two most beloved english language filmmakers, but i love 2001 more than vertigo, if that's even possible

I do love Vertigo. But... Science Fiction. I love science fiction more.

Vertigo>A Space Odyssey

2001 easily vertigo feels amazing movie But 2001 feels like Art

Vertigo keeps climbing up on my Flickchart every time I watch it. After my initial viewing it was around #25, after my 2nd viweing it was #10, after my 3rd viewing it has moved up to #5 and now it's #4. I pick up something new everytime I watch and themes of obsession and love are remarkably well handled. Maybe it's even gonna take down 2001 at some point, which is currently still 2 spots higher. I have seen many Top Movie Lists by cinephiles that had Vertigo and 2001 at #1 and #2 or vice-versa and frankly, there's no confusion about why they are at the top of such lists so often.

Two amazing masterpieces from Kubrick and Hitchcock. These films are some of the best of all time. Every single thing in both films is technically and creatively perfect. Both movies have also held up really well and are timeless. That being said I like Vertigo more.

2001 was a masterpiece. Vertigo wasn’t for me.