Vertigo vs. Spellbound



Hitchcock vs. Hitchcock, eh? Nice. Nothing like my favorite director squaring off against himself. But this particular one isn't much of a battle. Spellbound is an excellent film, and the Dali dream sequence is a definite standout, despite the film's reliance on antiquated Freudian theory, but Vertigo is still leagues better in every way. It's pretty much Hitchcock at the height of his powers, not only going for suspense, but giving us a devastating and overwhelming picture of obsession as well.

Yep, Vertigo is definitely better.

Oh please, Vertigo's opening credits are also better and that ending is way too good for Spellbound

I prefer Vertigo, but I do think Spellbound is underrated myself.

Both in my top 5 Hitchcock movies. Vertigo wins.

Spellbound is a good film, but Vertigo is superb