Blood Diamond vs. The Departed



I really like both. These two movies, back to back, finally got me to jump off of the "Leo DiCaprio's Overrated" bandwagon. He really is one of the best actors of our generation. I did like him better in Blood Diamond, so the Oscar nom was well-deserved, but overall, I think I like The Departed just a little better.

Yep, I've always like DiCaprio, even in the 'Titanic' days. I know, I know sappy emotional me. Both of these are pretty great, especially the performances. But I have to agree with you johnmason, 'The Departed' is a teeny drop better.

DiCaprio loving is high, I see... I'm going with the more intense acting of THE DEPARTED, though I do give him props for the accent and performance in BLOOD DIAMOND. But Marty beats Malick anytime. :)

I'm obviously still on the fence with this one, because I'm thinking I've changed my mind. Does it all just come down to DiCaprio's performances? If so, then it's Blood Diamond, which deservedly got him the Oscar nom. Man, I have no idea. All I know now is that Leo is quite probably the best actor of my generation.

I think Di Caprio is one of the best actors there is. But I'll go with the one I consider to be the best of the two and the one I enjoyed the most. So, The Departed wins in my opinion.

Blood Diamond was decent enough, but I really don't remember much about it. It washed off. The Departed sticks more, and the multiple story lines lets me dig into it as a viewer.

Oh man, this ones really tough. Leonardo was great in both of these films. Both on completely different levels. Wow, Not sure which direction I'm going to go.


The Departed is the keeper here.

Great performances in both movies. But i enjoyed the rather fresh setting in Blood Diamond much more Departed.

He was ROBBED. Fucking robbed by Idi Amin. I recommend a change to the AA... retroactive Oscars and all for Leo.

I'm adding The Departed to my new list (I am johnmason's evil alter-ego), and it comes down to this: The Departed and Blood Diamond are going to be back-to-back on my chart. So which do I like better? And I still can't bloody decide. So I'm going to let Leo be the deciding factor; I do think he's better in Blood Diamond, so Blood Diamond it is.

I don't see how another generic gangster film can possibly be better than a movie showing you the brutality of something that is really happening in our world. Jesus, this is why there are still problems in the world because there are people like you who just refuse to care; the least you could've done is pick a film trying to tell people to stop this madness over some gangster shit that you've seen over and over again. My god, you all are going to hell.

@Fiction_Fox I haven't seen Blood Diamond yet, but it is only a movie. Movies are not real. There are magazines and books and websites that inform people about reality, so it is not necessary to like movies depicting reality just because they are depicting reality. If I want to learn about important world events, I can do my own research rather than having a message starring Leonardo DiCaprio packed into two hours for me. Movies are for entertainment, not education.

Judging only by Leo's performance,i would go with Blood Diamond,(with a very honorable mention to Hounsou as well) but The Departed had so much more elements through it entirity,it was way more solid.

DiCaprio was SO underrated on Blood Diamond on my opinion,he did a outstading job here. I really love all the implications of BD plot,i'm very passionate about this movie. Honsou was also brilliant on it. Despite the fact i love The Departed,it's a easy pick.

the difference maker is jack nicholson

@Alon: I disagree. Jack is the weakest part of The Departed. Still love the guy...but he's almost a non-factor in this decision.

Departed. I do agree with several of the above...Blood Diamond is vastly underrated, but The Departed is just rock solid...

I'm the guy who does his job. You must be the other guy.

"the least you could've done is pick a film trying to tell people to stop this madness over some gangster shit that you've seen over and over again." There's that flawed logic again. The Departed had the better DiCaprio performance, had a nice script, had Scorsese in great form. Blood Diamond was just mediocre. It brings up and shows some things that are pretty goddamn important, but as a movie, it's just okay. You know how it's going to end from the jump.

Departed kicked my ass, but both movies stuck with me for a while after the movie was over.

Both are amazing films with amazing performances by DiCaprio. Gotta go with The Departed.

The Departed is a masterpiece with twists and turns every. Blood Diamond was slightly predictable but still fantastic. The Departed edges it though.

Blood Diamond. the Departed is Great movie but everyone dies and every other word is the F word... doesnt come close to any other great movies in my opinion

Blood diamond has a better dicaprio also has a stronger ending IMO but the departed is a better movie

Really enjoyed Blood Diamond, but The Departed wins this easily.

Departed for me. Although I love both.

Blood Diamond has terrible pacing issues. The fact this film is almost 2 and half hours long is absurd.

blood diamond