Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides vs. Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales



Dead Men Tell No Tales is significantly better than Stranger Tides. A return to the formula of the first film is what this francise needed, and althoughthis was attempted, and failed in many ways, at least it was an old college try where tranger Tides felt mailed in from the beginning.

I've heard people defending "Dead Men Tells No Tales" because it's better than it's predecessor but I have to disagree. On Strangers Tides was lazy, pointless and tired but there was nothing truly awful. At least, it had a good villain and some rememberable action. Dead Men Tells No Tales has a weak villain who doesn't have any menace or depth and the action is nothing special. Just generic CGI action without stakes or tension. Say what you will about On Strangers Tide but at least it isn't a Monty Python sketch about video game looking Pirates and monsters!

4 is dull, 5 has fun

I definitely prefer Dead Man Tell No Tales. It ain't great but it has some fun moments and at least made me nostalgic for the first three films. I honestly have difficulty remembering much of anything about On Stranger Tides...


Dead Men Tells returns the series back to its fun roots of the previous three. On Stranger Tides suffered from its bored direction by Rob Marshall, who clearly has no talent for action extravaganza unlike Gore Verbinski. It still hurts how someone like Ian McShane was so wasted with such a perfect casting as Blackbeard.

The two worst Pirates movie, complete garbage.