Superbad vs. Iron Man



Funny to think that someday these will be the classics.

Both are pretty over hyped films that really aren't anywhere near as good as people say, in the end superbad was better.

I think Superbad lived up to its potential. That is, it was well executed. I can't really speak to the hype. I liked Iron Man but it could have done much more; which might be achieved as a franchise.

funny vs bad ass


I didn't think Superbad was that funny, to be honest. Iron Man actually had me laughing more--plus its visuals were incredible.

Superbad is one of the funniest comedies i've ever seen but iron man is a great film also.

Superbad is a sweet, funny and warm film that I really like, but Iron Man was super-cool and had fun with many comic book film conventions. The edge goes to Robert Downie Jr. in a bravura performance.


There is nothing wrong with Superbad but Iron Man is better.

I also didn't think Superbad was really that funny; I did laugh about half the time, which makes it better than a lot of "comedies" that I've seen. Still, Iron Man is pure fun, and Robert Downey Jr. just knocks it out of the park.

@flickme: I think you nailed it exactly. Superbad is a good movie, but Iron Man is just cooler.

Misogyny just doesn't do it for me anymore. I lose.

I liked Superbad more than I expected to, what with my general dislike of Judd Apatow-directed-or-produced films, but I really enjoyed Iron Man. It gets the nod, no problem.

Aside from the first 20-30 minutes, Superbad is one of the most overrated comedies I've ever seen. Iron Man is far superior...