Superbad vs. Knocked Up



Totally unfair pitting these two head to head I really love them both

"Knocked Up" overstays its welcome, but "Superbad" manages to kick into high gear for the second half. Plus, y'know, more Bill Hader.

This is a conundrum.

I'll put a notch in Knocked Up's column. I agree with the comment above that it goes on too long, but I think the characters are more relateable in Knocked Up. Then again, I'm gettin' old.

"Knocked Up" is the better film, but "Superbad" made me laugh more.

Tough choice indeed, but Superbad made me nostalgic for something I never had in addition to making me laugh. Knocked Up made me laugh alot, to be sure, but I've got to go with Superbad.

I forgot how good both of these are for a moment.


Superbad was more memorable with a higher laugh quotient.

These are both great movies, I think Super Bad is just a little bit better.


Everyone says Superbad because it's funnier but it's actually quite smart and acute in it's acknowledgement of the teenage experience. Knocked up is also smart, and probably has more meat on the bone than superbad because it's a dramedy. They're are both very good, but the laughs i have with superbad make it the more enjoyable movie in my eyes.

Not a big fan of comedy films in general, but these two were both decent. Superbad was alright, and it is more relevant to me as a young adult and I did find quite a lot of it funny, but I'm not a fan of Michael Cera. Knocked Up surprised me more, and it actually has a lot more heart in it then most comedies these days. Superbad, for the most part, was basically "The Hangover" for High School graduates (should mention that I HATE the Hangover), and while both were funny, going to go with Knocked Up.

Superbad wins.


I don't hear a lot of really good things about Knocked Up I really enjoyed it but it's not close to Superbad

It's close. Both films are hilarious, but I favour the writing of Knocked Up just a tad more.

Despise both. End of story.

Yep, i definitely much more an Will Ferrell person!


I hate to review two mediocre movies, I am not a very big fan of Seth Rogan but that was clarified on my Saw Vs. Knocked Up review, where I didn't even get to review Saw because I was so pissed after ranting about Seth Rogan and his dogshit that he calls movies. However, even homeless people have a good day once in a while. Superbad isn't the worst movie, maybe it has something to do with the gimmicks that you share with your friends after watching it. It has a teenage appeal and when I was younger I watched it more than once with my friends, sober, while having a drink or high. Maybe its nostalgia, maybe Emma Stone but I wouldn't walk out the door when someone puts it on. Like I would with the rest of Seth Rogan movies. Superbad has something different, its a better version of the American pie. Anyway, Imma give this one to Superbad. I'm just doing that by the way because I'm new and knocked up is too high on my list and I feel embarrassed.

Both are comedies that made me laugh so in that regard they are good films. Knocked Up came out around the time my first child was born so I related more to it and laughed a little harder.


Knocked Up wins...