Superbad vs. Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy



on 12/6/2009

Probably the two most quotable comedies of the 00's, Superbad wins by a narrow margin

on 12/18/2009

Superbad was funny, but Anchorman was hilarious.

on 12/25/2009

Superbad is WAY funnier than Anchorman. Anchorman has lots of holes. Superbad is non-stop, over-the-top envelope pushing...

on 2/5/2010

My two favourite comedies of all time. Superbad wins by a tiny bit because I think it is a more "real" comedy to me and MCLOVIN

on 2/9/2010

Love them both but Anchorman wins because of the absolute nonsense of it all. One of my most quotable films ever!

on 2/13/2010


on 4/18/2010

Meh. "Anchorman" has its moments, but it never really did much for me. "Superbad" is a modern day "American Graffiti," and still makes me laugh.

on 11/25/2010

Superbad was absolutely horrible.

on 6/25/2011

The one good thing you can say about "Superbad" was that it lived up to its name. It was in fact super bad.

on 6/28/2011

Besides Steve Carell, who's hilarious in whatever he does, I found Anchorman to be plain stupid. Superbad doesn't do that much for me either, but it's a lot funnier.

on 8/14/2011

Lord, why did you allow Will Ferrel to exist?

on 3/10/2012

I'm gonna say Superbad had a better plot & more believable characters but Anchorman is funnier.Both have the benefit of being produced by Judd Apatow!

on 3/10/2012

Anchorman is ten times funnier than Superbad. Ferrel has plenty of swings and misses, but this isn't one of 'em...

on 3/11/2012

Will Ferrel is a comic genius, but Anchorman was only sporadically funny while Superbad was consistently hilarious throughout. Besides that Superbad was more believable and had better characters, McLovin is iconic, Superbad all the way!

on 2/15/2013

Two hilrarious movies, and yet Superbad is the clear winner. Not just because it has some heart to go along with the humor, but also because it's just a little bit funnier than Anchorman.

on 4/3/2013

Superbad is by no mean a new american graffiti. Anchorman is funnyer

on 11/25/2013

Superbad was super bad, Anchorman was . . . Anchor, man . . .

on 11/25/2013

Two of the best comedies of recent memory, Superbad takes it.

on 1/31/2014

Anchorman was much funnier than Superbad. Definitely Ron Burgundy.

on 2/15/2015

Anchorman all the way

on 2/17/2015

I found Superbad to be a lot funnier.

on 5/25/2015

Great match-up. However....... I pooped a hammer.