Superbad vs. Pineapple Express



on 10/5/2009

Oh wow. Really funny "highschool kids want to get laid" comedy, or really funny "stoner" comedy. Decisions Decisions.

on 10/9/2009

They both SUCK

on 10/24/2009

YOU SUCK. I think they're both better-than-average comedies.

on 10/30/2009

Although I highly enjoy the nerdtastic elements of Superbad as well as the witty banter, Pineapple Express just had something smokingly special...I don't even know what that means.

on 12/15/2009

These both made me pee. But I'll take a stoner James Franco over an isnecure Jonah Hill any time.

on 12/23/2009

Superbad is better than most of the garbage made for adolescents, so I'm glad the movie exists. That said, Pineapple Express is hilarious and is just as funny on the second viewing. My vote goes Pineapple.

on 2/18/2010

I love these movies, they are hilarious the best comedys of the last years. But I prefer Pineapple Express because the stoner Franco over McLovin

on 3/12/2010

Superbad wins. It had more content. Pineapple was great for a mindless laugh, but Superbad was better.

on 3/28/2010

The only beef I have is that Superbad reminds me of similar experiences when I was in high school. Pineapple Express has fewer penis jokes too.

on 9/30/2013


on 12/23/2015

Both are really funny. I guess,Superb ad.

on 12/23/2015

Superbad is at least periodically funny...

on 4/27/2017

Superbad was funny but really unoriginal seen and heard it all before While Pineapple was a real adventure and had a good bromance as well as great High times!