Jackie Brown vs. Django Unchained



Tarantino is my favorite director and as of now he has written and directed 8 films and I love everyone of them. When ranking them Jackie Brown is second to last and Django is second from the top. The one with the man with the exceptional beard wins.

If a Tarantino movie could actually be underrated...it's Jackie Brown. It beats Django on my chart...

I'm on the Django side as well. I enjoyed Jackie Brown as it did have some great dialogue but I felt it lost some of its touch at times. For me, I've seen Django multiple times and it gets better and better. It just has to win for me

I'm also going to be a contrarian and side with Jackie Brown.

Jackie Brown is not only Tarantino's most underrated, but one of the most underrated films of all time. Django is a bit better though, and it's currently higher on my chart. Django wins in my book.

I loved Django when it came out and still do but it's a lesser film from Tarantino(his worst excluding Death Proof). I'd rank Jackie Brown in his top 3.

Tarantino is one of my favorites and I love both of these movies. Jackie Brown is my fourth favorite Tarantino film and Django Unchained is my number one favorite Tarantino film so...Django is the winner.

Sorry Jackie as good as you are Django is far better in story art direction cast and fun!

I love Tarantino's restraint in Jackie Brown. Django's potential was wasted by Tarantino's lack of restraint.

TheHonestFilmFan said it and I agree.

Django's showier but Jackie's better

Jackie Brown grows on you.