Jackie Brown vs. Reservoir Dogs



Tarantino showdown, Jackie Brown is so under appreciated but Reservoir Dogs is just slightly better.

Reservoir Dogs = ok, but overrated. Give me Jackie Brown's memorable characters, whip-smart dialogue and ingenious plot turns over a lot of gangsters yelling at each other any day.


Jackie Brown had more wit and a craftier plot than Reservoir Dogs.

I choose Reservoir Dogs, hands down. I think it's superior in every aspect except for the fact it doesn't have Robert De Niro in it. Not that Jackie Brown is bad or anything, I just think Reservoir Dogs is better.

Reservior Dogs just barely wins. Both are fantastic

ugh. This is a difficult decision for me. I guess... Jackie Brown by a hair...maybe.

Reservoir Dogs wins for me.

I admit that Jackie Brown gets a bad rap (it's an amazing movie) but Reservoir Dogs gripped me so instantly, powerfully, and its so taut and well-crafted... Jackie Brown is great, but Reservoir Dogs is still the better film.

Jackie Brown....not too rough for me. Never impressed by Reservoir Dogs....

Jackie Brown is actually really underrated, but Dogs is one of his best films.

A showdown between two films from my favorite director. Jackie Brown is highly underrated, but its not quite good enough to take out the Dogs.

Jackie Brown.

Across the 110th street.

The 2 most underrated films QT directed. Love them both but Reservoir Dogs wins.

Close for me, but Dogs wins.

Definitely enjoyed Jackie Brown more.