Free Willy vs. Speed



God, it's like I'm 5 again. Back-and-forth between kiddie movies about whales and Robin Williams fighting pirates and R-rated 80's and 90's action movie fare. I miss being a kid.

Speed belongs on like the Mount Rushmore of action movies. Free Willy is about an annoying kid who thinks its a good idea to befriend a KILER whale. Easy choice.

I'm not able to hate, or even dislike Free Willy due to its status as a childhood favorite. But Speed was another childhood favorite and I totally agree with the Mount Rushmore thing. I've grown out of Free Willy, but I ain't ever growing out of Speed, haters be damned.

Free Willy was also one of my childhood faves but I gotta go with Speed

Isn't it strange the movies we hold dear from our childhood?