Citizen Kane vs. Troll 2



I am shocked that I got here! It has to be Citizen Kane but... OH MY GOD!

Troll 2 is like the Citizen Kane of bad movies. No double-decker bologna sandwich about it! And gmovielover, you didn't put enough emphasis on the 'OH MY GOD!' part.

What a great matchup! Citizen Kane vs. the Citizen Kane of badness. Or should I say, Troll 2 vs. the Troll 2 of Greatness?


I really don't enjoy Citizen Kane at all....but Troll 2 is just that bad.

My vote would actually have to go to Troll 2, I found it to be much more interesting and, by extension, entertaining.

Citizen Kane really didn't do much for me, but I'm still picking it over Troll 2 because... I guess these cult bad movies just aren't for my taste. Yeah it's funny, but at most of the time it's just boring. Plan 9 is bad but I still like it, know why? Because it actually entertained me.