Citizen Kane vs. The Third Man



While my respect for Orson Welles as a director knows no bounds, THE THIRD MAN is one of the most pleasurable film experiences I've had. Both of these movies have an astounding amount of talent behind them -- KANE being more obviously brilliant. I know it's supposedly the best film ever made, but THE THIRD MAN is more satisfying as an experience.

I respect your argument, but put Kane #1. The Third Man, however, still makes it into my top 10.

I know Kane is considered the superior between the two, but there's very little that separates them. Orson Welles makes The Third Man almost into a great piece of music: like a great song that suddenly gets "lifted" by the bridge or twist in composition. One could argue that The Third Man almost makes Welles more mythical in the build up to his entrance — which as dramatic as anything in Kane. But you forget Welles' unmatched screen presence, and then BAM he's there spitting charisma. I love both films, but I prefer The Third Man. It's a simpler story with as much hidden depth as Kane. It's almost like comparing The Good, The Bad and The Ugly (Kane) to Unforgiven (The Third Man). Like Welles in The Third Man, the real Eastwood doesn't show up in Unforgiven until far into the movie. But GBU is considered the masterpiece. It's a really great match-up.

I have to go with The Third Man. Kane is great, but, imo, not Welle's finest piece. Third Man by a small amount.

The Third Man was, indeed, an enjoyable experience. And it had moments of absolute brilliance. It just felt too uneven. Citizen Kane might not be Orson Welles' finest film, but it still manages to surpass The Third Man without much difficulty. At least in my eyes. It is one of those rare films worthy of being deemed perfect.

Tough decision. They're both so great and I love Orson Welles and Joseph Cotten so much. The Third Man is in my top ten of all time, but Citizen Kane was just too revolutionary and original too put below it.

I love "The Third Man." I like "Citizen Kane."

While Orson Welles plays Harry Lime magnificently and the suspense is extraordinarily well crafted, Citizen Kane is my all time favorite.

Citizen Kane is the better film however I prefer The Third Man. The chemistry between Welles and Cotton is at an all time high in TTM and the story is much more accessible and enjoyable, not to forget Lime's iconic entrance..

After hating Citizen Kane so much I was not expecting to like The Third Man, but was hugely surprised. The Third Man is by far the better film.

I agree with Charyou in saying that The Third Man was a bit uneven at times but was still a fantastic film overall. I just can't get enough of Citizen Kane. It's engrossing.

Which one would put me to sleep faster? Tough call. Two "classics" that I have watched multiple times...they just don't work for me. I'll take Touch of Evil over both!

Citizen Kane is the better film

The Third Man and Citizen Kane are two films that leave you wanting so much more after they are over, but not in the way that you might think. They are both masterpieces in their own right, but the fact is that The Third Man is a stronger piece of work all the way around. The beauty of this film is the fact that you never know where it's going next, and by the time it has reached its grand finale, there is a feeling that the film has made a much bigger impression. and that ambiguous final shot stays with you much longer than the death of Rosebud in Kane. It's a tough call, but The Third Man will take it in a walk!

Charles Foster Kane and Harry Lime are both great characters. Citizen Kane gives us plenty of the former and The Third Man hardly any of the latter. Citizen Kane wins easily.

The Third Man all the way. I just loved every aspect of the story, it is such an intense and such an intriguing film. I had not high expectations but it blew me away! Citizen Kane felt meh...Mainly coz I had higher expectations for it.

Citizen Kane. Better film in every way and I love it but The Third man is very good tho

Every time I've tryed watching The Third Man it's eyes are open,and they're pointed at the TV screen,but I'm somewhere else.Kane get's the easy win.

I both respect and enjoy Citizen Kane more. The Third Man's a fantastic film, but Citizen Kane is the easy victor.

I didn't really like either, to be quite honest. But I guess I'll go with Kane because The Third Man just felt generic to me.

i love both, but citizen kane is citizen kane

Couldn't care about both. They're fill of exposition, they drag out and the pacing in both is atrocious. Is Citizen Kane bad? No, it does have a lot of redemptive qualities and I was engaged enough in the story. But boy, did I struggle to sit through Thrid Man!

Kane, had to see it three times cause it was just that good. Though I have seen The Third Man twice.

Citizen Kane is by far the best film Welles has ever done, but The Third Man is awesome too