Citizen Kane vs. The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King



My life is ruined.

Citizen Kane changed film, but just because you were the first to do something doesn't mean you do it the best. LOTR is a better film. You can't win my vote on historical importance alone; you need to be entertaining too.

Citizen Kane is a mesmerizing film, and more expertly structured than any LOTR.

I love Citizen Kane, it changed cinema and it's a fantastic film, but based on entertainment value one, I have to go with Return of the King.

Citizen Kane.

RotK for now

I have no love for Citizen Kane. It's RotK...

I'm going LOTR

what in the world? what a match!


Citizen Kane is too brilliant to lose here.

Citizen Kane It's just too brilliant

No way Citizen Kane is loosing this one

I think you guys know what i'm doing Citizen Kane

kane over the weakest LOTR